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4 Special Things to Consider When Hiring an Excavator Operator

When about to dig trenches in a property in order to install plumbing lines or create drainage systems, one of the equipment you need to think about hiring is an excavator. There are many different kinds, though, and each one serves different purposes as well.

So that you don’t waste money renting the wrong excavator, you have to get one that will be ideal for your project and the terrain of your construction site. Just as important is hiring the right operator to control such a heavy-duty machine.

Just how to you go about the choosing process, though? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a guide on the task at hand. To pick the right excavator for the job, answer these four questions.

1. Do you have the license required to operate an excavator?

Most excavator or plant operators you can hire are required by their agencies to have a special license. In most cases, the license is required if you plan to use a heavy excavator plant. Mini excavators usually don’t require you to have a special license. Be sure to ask early in advance just to be sure.

2. Are you familiar with operating the excavator?

Like other heavy construction equipment, excavators can be dangerous when not operated by a skilled person. That’s why it’s so important that you have the right personnel for operating the machinery before hiring it.

If you can’t find a person to hire for this specific job, ask the agency if they can provide you with one. Ask whether the agency offers demonstrations on how to operate the arm, the bucket, the cab, and so on.

On-going excavation on the field3. Which type of fuel will be required?

A lot of excavators use diesel alone to operate. It’s important to inquire about this, though, as some may use some other type of fuel. Once you ascertain the right kind of fuel you’ll need, find out whether your local gasoline station sells it, or you need to get some other type of excavator.

The last thing you want is to stall halfway through the project due to lack of fuel. You don’t only waste precious time on this; you also delay the project and pay for additional days needed to finish it beyond its target completion date.

4. What care does the excavator need?

If you’re going to be renting the excavator for more than one day, then you might need to have some sort of special covering to protect it. The rental agency has the right to charge you for damages on their equipment, depending on your lease contract.

In some states, using a tarp to cover the equipment when you’re not in operating it is an actual legal requirement, so check that with your equipment provider as well.

Hiring an excavator can help make things easier during your construction project. As you make a decision on the best excavator for you, it’s important to make the right considerations, and this includes the operator, so choose wisely with the help of the guide above.

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