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8 Pros & Cons of Getting a Windows PC for Students

Laptops and PCs have become a part of student life like textbooks and lectures. People use them to take notes, research materials, and work on papers. To ensure their academic success, students need to find the right tools. While a minority of them work with Apple products, most rely on Windows-equipped devices.

There are many reasons to choose such PCs over the macOS line. These devices are more versatile in software and hardware components. Windows computers have many advantages, but there are downsides to consider as well. Students have to examine both before deciding if these PCs suit them.


Democratic Prices

The price of Mac products has often been the butt of many jokes. Windows PCs are more affordable for regular students. Many shops build devices based on specifications or offer pre-built products. They give the same level of care as a professional essay writer who can easy “write my paper for me” working on tailored papers. The market offers various PCs and laptops for academic needs:

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5
  • Surface Laptop Go 2
  • Acer Aspire 5

Visual design and photography students may want to invest in something more powerful. With that said, these products will be enough for daily college life. The same price range applies to any replacement parts students may need. Most Windows PC and laptop parts can be replaced without outside help.


Another great aspect of Windows PCs is their high upgradability. That’s because most modern hardware works with Microsoft’s OS. It takes some time and cash but is worth the price. Even a moderately built PC can be turned into a powerhouse with these parts. For the right price, students can:

  • Change graphic cards
  • Install extra SSD drives
  • Increase their CPU power
  • Expand memory capacities

With a little bit of tech knowledge, it’s possible to replace these components on your own. Additionally, most hardware upgrades are integrated with the OS. There’s rarely any need to set them up manually or look for appropriate drivers online. Windows finds and installs every bit of software required for the new parts.

User Friendliness

One of the selling points of these devices is how easy they are to use. Unlike products built for macOS, Windows devices are very user-friendly. Students can easily research topics, browse the best assignment services, and work on them. They don’t have to spend a lot of time mastering these products.

Students can easily navigate the various features and programs at their disposal. It doesn’t matter if they have the latest version of Windows installed or not. Each provides the same functions with slight adjustments to the graphics interface. That’s why it’s easier for Windows users to adjust to its new versions.

A Wide Range Of Available Software

When working on assignments, students use various pieces of software. Some of it can be incompatible with their OS. That’s not the case with Windows as most programs found online work with this system. Depending on their needs, students can use:

  • Text editing apps
  • Photo editing apps
  • Video editing apps
  • Graphic design apps

Of course, some products are Windows-dedicated, such as Microsoft Office Suite and others. The company’s official software can be pretty expensive. But, there are many free or cheaper alternatives that can replace it.

Automated Software Updates

Students often don’t pay attention to system updates. This can lead to hardware malfunctions or cause the OS to break down. Windows has them covered even on this front. The operating system automatically updates all components, including product drivers. This process doesn’t interfere with daily academic work.

Students can choose the time of day for installing automated updates. For example, from 3 AM to 6 AM. Every piece of software will be downloaded and patched before they wake up. It’s a good touch that keeps Windows PCs in top shape.


Security Concerns

While Windows PCs shine in productivity, they lack the security of macOS devices. It’s not surprising that the operating system remains the biggest target of hackers. They do everything to get into users’ PCs and steal their information. This can often include passwords, and personal, and bank account information.

Malicious actors can sell this data, use it to impersonate people or steal their money. Microsoft does its best to address security breaches as fast as possible. But, due to the widespread use of the OS, it remains the prime target for hackers. In this regard, Linux and macOS users are more protected from hackers.

Virus Threats

Microsoft Windows still has the biggest number of viruses out there. These are malicious programs hackers use to get past the computer defenses. They may masquerade as real programs, and hide in web page code and email attachments.

Some viruses scan and steal data. Others use the machine to create a botnet for carrying out DDoS attacks. Whatever the case, students need protection against this software. Microsoft’s own solution does little to keep them away from the computer.

In this case, students have to buy antivirus software. There is plenty of it available with various features that can come in handy. So, if you want to own a Windows PC, prepare to spend cash on a copy and regular payments.

Dealing With Problems

Microsoft tries fixing issues with its operating systems. While the automated updates cover the majority of them, users can face unique problems. The OS can malfunction or crash at the most inopportune moments. Students can lose their work if they don’t save it for long and will have to start over again.

Large issues like a system crash can’t be fixed without proper knowledge. Thus students have to contact technical experts to look for solutions online. This may take away valuable time they could have spent studying. This probability is slim, but you won’t be happy when it affects you.


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Windows PCs offer a variety of software and hardware options. But, they come at the price of security maintenance. If you’re willing to pay for it, these devices will serve well during your college years.

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