Bad Reasons for Marriage That You Should Not Even Think Of

Marriage is something that most people aspire for. There are many good reasons a couple must get married. Some motives should make one reconsider before tying the knot. Reputable divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs, Colorado can help with ending toxic marriages. But the effects on both spouses may take some time to heal. How does one avoid such heartaches? If you see marriage as any of the reasons below, postpone saying “I do.”

A Salvage Project

People are sometimes in the wrong notion that marriage carries a magic potion along with it. They get married because they believe that this will make their relationship better. The hard truth is that it could make matters worse. Marriage only brings to light the kind of foundation you have built in your relationship. If it is shaky, it tends to crumble upon a few years of marriage. Issues as a married couple are more brutal than the ones you have as sweethearts. Thus, do not think that marriage can save a relationship going downward.

A Security Blanket

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Loneliness can sneak up on someone hard. Many people entertain the idea of marriage to eradicate loneliness. This is not bad in itself because marriage is for companionship, as shown in a part of the traditional wedding vow: “in sorrow and joy, to have and to hold.” The problem lies when people make this the primary reason. They are not even sure if they want their partner, flaws and all. In their quest to avoid loneliness and being alone, they may add to their misery. Do yourself a favor. Do not settle for someone only to find emotional security. There are many ways to make yourself happy.

A Smart Investment

Financial security is important for one to live a happy and peaceful life. But do not marry someone to have a steady stream of money. Even couples who marry for the right reasons deal with financial issues in marriage. But can you imagine how it will be if you married for this sole purpose? What if your spouse loses everything? Can you just call it quits? Also, there may be chances of a power imbalance or manipulation. This is when your partner knows that you married them because of their finances.

A Status Symbol

Your so-called biological clock is ticking. Your friends are all getting engaged. Your relatives are always asking the infamous question during family reunions. Social pressure can do a lot to lead a person to the wrong decision. Do not look at marriage as a way of promotion in society. A single person holds the same worth as a married one. Do not let anyone’s opinion or overeager prompting push you into getting married. And as an added encouragement, as cliché as it may sound, you do not need to have someone for you to be valuable.

A Sweet Revenge

Although as not as popular as other misconceptions in marriage, this one is famous in its own right. Had an ex cheated on you? You heard in the grapevine that your ex is now engaged. Do you want to prove to them that you got the better deal? Then embrace the idea of marriage with your current partner. This is a wrong move. Do not get even using an unassuming person.

Marriage is a blissful partnership. It has a couple of its ups and downs. But with the right person and motives, it is all worth it.


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