Bringing Comfort to Your Kids While Dealing with Your Separation

It’s sad to think that not all marriages end up like the couples initially planned. Depending on the issues and how you handle it, it can lead to separation or divorce. The situation can hurt both parties, but the children are the ones who get hurt the most. They often don’t have the capacity to understand why you’ve divorced, and it’s devastating to see a happy family suddenly breaking apart. Studies show that children who grow up in broken homes are more likely to have troubled mindsets and suffer damage to their emotional and mental health. As a parent, you have the responsibility to help prevent this.

Move to a Peaceful Environment

Since you and your ex-spouse have now separated with the help of a divorce attorney in Suffolk County, it’s only logical that you’d want to live in separate homes. Bullying is one of the challenges that a child may face once their parents break up, and it’s almost inevitable that your neighborhood will know about what’s happening. Word travels fast, even to a young one’s ears. One solution to start detoxifying yourselves is to move to a quieter place where the people are more tolerant and understanding of your situation. Try to get a place where your loved ones are nearby just in case you need more help.

Make Time for Each Other

Spending time with daughter

Now that the other parent is absent, the child needs your love and attention more than ever. Single parents need to fill in the gap of what two should be doing, and that’s understandable. As a mom, you need to work extra to pay the bills, or as a dad, you need to work overtime to make ends meet. It’s sad that you do this for your child, but you can barely pay attention to them. Make as much time for them as you can, and with every chance that you have. Go on trips together, invite their new friends over for a meal and video games, and be there generally when they need you.

Let Them Keep the Mementos

Even if you’d rather sell or give away items that remind you of your ex, your child may think otherwise. They may still want to be around toys or other trinkets that were given to them as a reminder of the good times. Now, conflict may arise between you and your child about this, but it wouldn’t hurt to explain things to them about your situation and the importance of those objects. Kids are mostly possessive in nature and tend to hold on to what they deem significant, whether it’s their things or people in their lives. Your separation can make it all the more difficult to deal with. Be the adult and let them keep what they want until they understand the situation. After all, parents are parents even when they’re never getting together anymore.

Believe it or not, our childhood experiences contribute to at least 50% of our lives. These memories are what we carry even through adulthood. Don’t let your child suffer just because you and your ex-spouse can’t get along anymore. If anything, you should show your appreciation for their decision to stay with you. You might be able to handle matters now, but it doesn’t hurt to keep others such as family, friends, and even professionals around to help your child deal with such problems. But until then, keep the family spirit alive and never forget your responsibilities as a parent.

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