Growing Your Business: Social Media Is Not Enough

The Internet is one of the best tools that you can use to grow your business. However, you can’t rely solely on social media platforms. A proper business needs its own website, and a decent site will bring a myriad of advantages and opportunities for your business.

The Basics

You’ll need to apply for a domain name for your website, preferably a name associated with your brand, if not your brand name itself. This gives your company and brand a little more legitimacy and shows your customers that you mean business. A “.com” after your brand, makes it easier for potential customers to find your site and see what you offer.

Of course, you’ll need a cybersecurity system for your site just to make sure that hackers don’t run wild on your site. If you have a reasonably large company, you can devote a server to manage your online content or just back it up using cloud technology. You’ll have to make sure that your site’s design matches your brand. It can be professional or whimsical, depending on your company and products. Just make sure to thoroughly screen your content, as little mistakes in spelling and grammar will make it seem haphazardly done.

Online Transactions

Giving your customers the power to shop with a click of a button will drive your sales up exponentially. You’ll need proper credit card processing services as well as channels for additional payment options, like Paypal or Skrill. Online transactions give you an additional avenue to interact with your customer base while allowing them to browse new products and shop at the comfort of their own homes.

You can take it to the next level by having an app made for your brand. Doing so allows your customers to shop with their phones, and having your logo in someone else’s phone is excellent advertising. You can give incentives or discounts to your regular customers or even seasonal events to drive a little more interest.

Social Media Is Not Enough

man working on his computerSocial media is a great tool to raise brand awareness and promote your products or services, but it isn’t enough. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are bleeding users, especially the younger generations. As little as 1 out of 50 people actually watch ads, and many users are limiting their social media use to messaging and storing photos.

Social media sites also limit your control over your content, and you are always under the thumb of Big Tech. Social media sites are known to purge and remove users arbitrarily, and with no governing body to regulate them, they can do so with impunity. Security problems are rampant in these sites, and Facebook has leaked user information several times in the past.

A company website opens up avenues for growth and engagement. It should reflect the image of your company and allow your customers to shop and interact with your brand by giving feedback. Connect with your customers and try to provide them with the best possible service — even if it’s through a computer.

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