Maintenance Matters: Saving Money on Your Air Compressor Costs

Air compressors are important for industrial structures, especially for multi-story buildings or factories. Being an owner of a business that requires such a setup, you must be aware that these machines can consume much energy and can greatly contribute to your utility bills. Since they are essential for your operations, you need to make sure that they’re working properly most, if not all, of the time. You would also want to find ways to minimise any unnecessary costs related to them. Follow these simple guidelines so that you can make the most out of your air compressors while being economical about it:

1. Keep It Up to Date

An important part of making sure a piece of machinery works fine each time is to keep it updated with the latest technology. Innovations in the compressed air technology are being developed every so often, and newer models have better energy efficiency, which is just one of their noteworthy benefits. If you want to run your business smoothly, it is vital that your systems are all up and running as well. When you find that your unit is already outdated, it’s better to spend on an upgrade than letting it continue to run and cost you more in the long run.

2. Check for Leaks Regularly

Leaking pipes are the most common problem for compressors. The leak can either be due to natural wear from use or from external damages such as sudden weather changes or human error. Regardless of the reason, it should be routine for your company to check for these leaks and incidences of faulty piping because these are what will drive up your energy consumption. Leaks make less air travel along the pipes, causing the compressor system to work even more to provide the same amount of output. This can cause additional energy to be consumed for the same level of productivity.

3. Avoid Further Harm

checking the air compressor

To ensure efficient operation of your air compressor, it is imperative to perform routine maintenance on it such as monitoring its pressure levels and replacing its fittings as necessary. It is suggested that owners of these machines such as yours perform daily inspections of their equipment. If possible, there should also be cautionary warnings and seminars for employees so that anybody available can conduct the checks. In case that you can’t attend to your own equipment, your best bet is to ask professionals to make the regular inspections, as well as its maintenance. There is no excuse for not checking your machinery because it will cost you your company’s productivity and safety if any accidents happen.

Just like every other piece of equipment that you use in your business, air compressors work more efficiently and last longer when supervised and well cared for. Maintenance may come with its own costs, but you can be sure that you will have to spend more in case that it keeps running below its optimum level or it suddenly breaks down. You will have to deal with additional utility payments for the former and handle repair charges and opportunity costs for the latter. Keep in mind that “prevention is better than cure” doesn’t just apply to illnesses but also to minimising unnecessary spending on your air compressors.

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