Marketing Methods for Starting up Your Brand New Motel

Everyone needs some form of shelter, especially when they’re fond of going to places outside of their home. As such, there’s always a demand for motels, just like what you have purchased. But even if the need is there, your place won’t be earning as much if you don’t make a move to promote it.

You have to go out there and tell everyone that you’re open for business. Since you’re still starting, you may want to consider these choices for marketing your establishment.

Create a Brand

Even before you open your doors to customers, you need to have an idea of what you’re all about. What do you want to be known for? Also, what do you want your clients to experience when they step into your establishment? Create the image that you want to portray and fit your motel’s design to it.

It will become easier to think up of strategies later on. Hiring a creative agency here in Salt Lake City can also be useful, especially if you’re not into making concepts.

Utilize the Internet

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Just because you have an analog establishment doesn’t mean that you can’t use digital means of promoting yourself. There are countless people nowadays who rely on their connection to the internet to look for products and services.

This even includes various forms of accommodation like motels and hotels. Create profiles for your establishment in social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. Just make sure to keep them up to date and engaging for your customers.

Also, don’t forget to address inquiries and consider what reviews have to say.

Invest in Events

You might think that events and productions have nothing to do with your kind of business. But considering that part of what you’re offering is a place for people to enjoy themselves in, you may also include these.

Invite local celebrities and fellow start-ups to collaborate with you, encouraging the people who are invested in them to try you out as well. If these productions are successful enough, you may even turn them into regular events that can earn you additional income and a bigger reputation.

Give Special Service

Speaking of special occasions, why not offer promotional services and discounts as well? For example, you can jumpstart your business with an opening day discount. People will be encouraged to try out your establishment since it will be less of a risk for them financially.

You can even offer them incentives for regularly staying at your place, such as certain free services or discounts that increase as they stay more times. There might be a slight loss for you per stay, but if their increased frequency will more than make up for it if you plan it right.

As long as you do these methods properly, you’ll start out with more customers than if you didn’t do anything. To maximize it, it would be best to hire appropriate and dedicated staff to handle it. Of course, the most critical aspect is still the quality of your service. It is still the best marketing that you can ever do.

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