Plot the Post: A Small Business’ Guide to Coming Up with a Social Media Calendar

The world of marketing has been disrupted with the arrival of the Internet. Pioneers have made use of pop-up and banner ads to communicate their marketing message, but things online have not stopped there. The Internet is like a malleable mass that has continued to evolve and shape itself into something else that has attracted more users. Somewhere along, the concept of social media is founded with the proliferation of platforms that connect friends and strangers. Marketers have taken advantage of this by coming up with personas that their customers can follow and relate to. That is when social media marketing has become a thing.

Many small businesses have made the mistake of thinking that social media marketing is just about posting memes and promotional materials, but there is a science and art behind it. There is a strategy you need to follow to make sure that the message will reach the right audience. A strategy will also keep your brand from spamming content, which can annoy your followers. Social media marketing companies in Gaithersburg recommend the use of an editorial calendar.

Here are some of the important pointers that you need to keep in mind:

Come up with themes

You will be posting a lot about your brand, but that does not mean that you are just going to post about your discounts and new product launches. You should also make it a goal to make your page informative and entertaining. Variety is important. Within a week, you may dedicate specific days for promos and specific days for memes and so on. The mix will keep your content from looking bland.

Take note of holidays and important events

You will have to take note of holidays and important events, as they provide you with opportunities to come up with witty, fun, and entertaining posts. You can even base your promo on it. Plot the holidays within the year, and plan the posts ahead of time. You can either come up with a video or promo for a specific holiday.

Be flexible

Not everything will be on the calendar. This means that you will have to be flexible. Some important events happen unexpectedly, and you have to be prepared for it — like trend jacking, which is an act of capitalizing on a trend or an unexpected event. Look at how Oreo did it and learn from them.

Use tools

Two people going through calendar in laptop

You may have the calendar and the content strategy, but you will still need to be more than efficient to avoid backlogs and ensure that your posts are on time. In this regard, you will need to use a variety of tools that will make deployment much easier.

Coming up with a social media calendar means that you have a strategy for your online marketing efforts. It is a blueprint that will ensure there is consistency in your posts and the theme of the current campaign is being followed. More importantly, it helps make sure that your content mix has a variety.

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