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Why Women Should Enroll in College Self-Defense Classes

It’s a sad truth but one that must be confronted. Women are some of the most targeted by violence. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1 out 3 three women around the world have experienced physical or even sexual violence in their lifetime.

Another alarming fact that people aren’t told in college freshman orientation is how often women in college become the target for physical and sexual assault. According to the Office on Women’s Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 20 percent or one-fifth of all women in college have experienced sexual assault.

So what can people do to address this? Although the burden of making women safe lies in actively dismantling the ideologies and structures that allow such crimes to take place, it can also help to take self-defense classes.

Learn why you should take self-defense classes, what are the best self-defense for women and some basic self-defense advise you can use.

Why Should Women Take Self-Defense Classes?

woman training with a coach
Self-defense classes can give you the confidence you need to live your life to the fullest. Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels

Violence against women stems from harmful ideologies. While actively working against such thinking and structures are crucial, knowing how to defend yourself in a situation can be helpful.

Here are some reasons why taking self-defense classes can be beneficial.

  • If you know the basics of self-defense, you can de-escalate or escape from a potentially violent situation.
  • If you learn self-defense, you can offer a modicum of protection to people you know should they find themselves in dangerous situations.
  • Lessons will be important if you want to make the best use out of self-defense kits available at sporting goods stores and online. Without proper knowledge, you may find these types of kits less than effective.
  • Self-defense classes can give you the confidence you need to pursue things you didn’t feel secure to do before such as pursue a night-time summer job or even just walk outside with friends.

What are the Best Self-Defense Classes?

child in taekwondo class
Some of the best self-defense for women are martial arts. Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

There are several martial arts disciplines that are perfectly suited for protecting yourself, but what are the best self-defense for women?

Below are some of the most popular forms of self-defense that a college or university could be offering in their curriculum.

  • Aikido. The Japanese martial art of aikido is perfectly suited for women who are looking for effective techniques to dissuade and disarm attackers. The fighting style does not require great strength or even a huge frame. Instead, aikido is all about redirecting the force of an attacker against themselves. This means you will be more focused on refining movement, improving techniques and honing your sense of timing.
  • Boxing. Although originally conceived as a sport, boxing can be an effective means of self-defense. Boxing focuses on power and timing and with enough training, you can disable an attacker. Boxing relies on speed as much as strength, and if you were to take self-defense classes with boxing components, you will be trained to look for openings you can exploit to land decisive blows.
  • Judo. Another Japanese martial art that is perfectly suited for protecting yourself, judo emphasizes in physically subduing an opponent. Judo techniques incorporates movement that help you pin down an attacker, locking their joints to restrict movement and even using limited weapons such as short wooden sticks. Judo is perfect if you want to capture and restrain an attacker but you can also use it escape from harmful situations.
  • Muay Thai. This Thai fighting style is also known as the art of eight limbs, Muay Thai not only makes use of both your arms and legs, it also requires you to use your knees and elbows as well. Muay Thai is very physically demanding and rigorous. Pursuing it as a sport or means of protecting yourself will no doubt give you the physicality to ward away direct attacks and also give you the ability to grapple and strike with multiple points.

What are Some Basics Self-Defense Tips?

woman in the boxing ring
Self-defense doesn’t have to be fancy to help you protect yourself. Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

While you are deciding on which self-defense classes you should take, here are some of the best self-dense tips for women you can keep in mind that can help you get out of dangerous or harmful situations.

  • Make as much noise as you can if you are attacked. This can signal law enforcement, alert other people to come help you and dissuade your attacker.
  • The best way to defend yourself sometimes is to flee as soon as you can and as fast as you can. Avoiding a direct conflict can help deescalate a situation and allow you to leave unscathed.
  • Use every tool you can to fight back. When push comes to shove, use whatever you have on you to damage or dissuade an attacker. Your house keys, a nearby rock, the heel of your stiletto are all items you can use to fend off an attack.
  • Strike at their weak points. Human bodies can be very sensitive. When trying to dissuade an attacker, you should focus your attacks on targets such as their groin, the instep of the feet, the center of the chest and the face. Hitting these areas can disorient an attacker long enough for you to escape.

Self-defense classes can be more important than learning a musical instrument. Not only can they make your life a little more secure, but they can also help you gain the confidence you need to face the world. Sign up for a class in your college or university today.

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