8 Must Have Technologies for Your Organic Drink Business

A business that makes organic drinks as their product has a lot of success in front of them! This is an industry where you can easily begin a small-scale operation and grow it into a massive business.

However, for your own business to be successful you must adopt certain technologies that will help improve your company’s standing in the marketplace. We have listed eight must-have technologies for any organic drink business hoping to succeed:

1. Online Store

Your online store is how your customers will place orders and pay for their organic drinks. An e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, is a must-have technology that will allow you to create an amazing-looking site with lots of product pictures and descriptions.

Another one of the most important aspects of having an online store is offering your customers multiple options when it comes to paying for their orders. Some organic drink businesses prefer credit card payments, while others think PayPal payment acceptance is more customer-friendly.

Make sure you decide which payment method(s) makes sense for your business before creating a site so all of your customers will be happy.

2. Location Tracking Technology

Having a computerized system that tracks the location of the delivery drivers is one of the most important technologies for any organic drink business. This way, you’ll always know where to find your employees and which deliveries have been made and need to be completed next.

A good idea would also be to get an application on each driver’s phone to update their locations, but this depends on how often they are driving around to different cities or neighborhoods.

3. Inventory Software

One of the biggest challenges that almost every organic drink business faces are keeping enough inventory to satisfy customer demand. Customers place orders, and they’ll go somewhere else if you’re out of stock!

Having an automated system that keeps track of everything is a must-have technology for any organic drink business. An inventory software such as barcoding and imaging software will help eliminate the need to spend hours counting goods and trying to remember who ordered what when.

4. Right Packing Equipment

Consider packaging your drinks in bottles or cans if you aren’t already. It is very important to have the right packing equipment available when doing so.

For example, tabletop liquid filling machines are excellent for filling both plastic and glass containers with a variety of different organic drinks.

5. Customized Labels and Hangtags

Whether you’re selling individual bottles or cans of organic drink, it’s very important that you have customized labels and hang tags to go with them.

These labels should have a place for custom print as well as a spot for product barcodes, so they can be scanned at the checkout registers. Your labels should also include your company logo along with any other information the customer might find helpful (nutrition facts, caffeine count, etc.).

Many online printing companies provide an easy way to create these customizable items without having to spend too much time away from running your business!

6. Email Marketing Tools

person using a mobile phone

Email marketing is another must-have technology that every organic drink business should implement into their company’s plan. These emails can be sent out to past customers who might want to reorder more goods.

They can also be sent out to new potential customers introducing them to what your company has to offer! Your emails don’t need to be too complex as long as they follow the same message and include a link to your online store.

7. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are great for organic drink companies because they allow you to connect with current customers and reach new ones.

Organic drinks might not seem like a fun topic but sharing recipes and encouraging friendly competition between employees is how you’ll build relationships with all of your followers.

8. Point of Sale Software

Having a POS system might not seem like an important technology for your organic drink business, but it is very helpful when you are trying to keep track of the money that’s coming in vs. the money going out.

This technology will also help you decide if you need to hire more employees or increase hours. It’s one of those technologies that every organic drink company needs because it helps you make everyday decisions related to business operations.

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s important for organic drink businesses to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. By implementing the eight technologies we’ve listed, you’ll be sure to stay ahead of your competition and continue running a successful business. Which of these technologies are you most excited about trying out?

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