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The Top Qualities of a Great Manager

If you are planning to take your career to the next level, you should be willing to jump to a new position. It is time to take on a new role that allows you to manage teams, mentor people and get new businesses.

You may consider becoming a manager. You may think that becoming a manager is a role that needs serious leadership skills, and it does. With that, you need to possess certain traits and skills that will allow you to become a better employee.

Being a manager means being good and sharing those skills with your team. The process to becoming a good manager may be challenging, but it will mold you into a better person. There are some ways you can actually improve yourself. To inspire you, there are some traits and characteristics that you should aspire to achieve. Having these traits will impress your interviewer or the executive search supply chain management firm.

Trait #1: Open-mindedness

Great managers have open minds. They do not subscribe to just one idea or their idea alone. They know that there are a lot of things and possibilities that can affect the operations, and they never discount these things. They are willing to try new things and techniques to improve the business.

Open-mindedness is also about listening to the team. They do not overlook suggestions, and they always take into consideration the viewpoint of the people they handle. Listening to your team members can help improve your point of view, as there are surely some things that you have not thought about.

Trait #2: Transparency

Transparency is an important part of being a good leader. You ought to tell your people what you think about their work—no more beating around the bush. Being transparent also inspires your team to be vocal when it comes to their ideas and ideals. Transparency can also be associated with honesty, and honest leaders are always good leaders.

Trait #3: Cultivating Growth

Senior manager mentoring an associateAs a manager, you are not supposed to be selfish or self-centered. Kindness should always be a value that you promote. And this is something that you can do by sharing what you know with the members of your team. You are expected to teach them how to improve their ways of working. You need to help them become more efficient and reliable. When you do that, you are cultivating growth, too.

Trait #4: Visionary

A great manager does not only have goals for himself. They have a vision for the team. They have plans where to take the team and the business. If you want to become a manager, you need to come up with achievable plans that will help everyone in the team—be it achieving a sales target or getting new clients. Your vision may also be anchored to internal goals, such as operations improvement.

Do not doubt that you will become a great manager. You can be if you want to. There is always a chance to improve one’s self.

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