Truths About Domestic Abuse and Violence That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Domestic abuse is one of those incidents that have plagued many homes for years, and it still goes on even today. You can hear all sorts of stories, some of them disturbing because they happen inside of the home. Many non-government organizations and groups have tried to combat this problem and propose solutions, but it hasn’t been eliminated, and cases get more disturbing.

Victim or not, everyone should be more aware of what domestic violence is and should talk about it more often to spread understanding on how to prevent it. The following facts may very well be what the doctor ordered.

1. Not all cases go public.

If you live a normal life and don’t experience such a situation, it’s easy to tell others to open up and get it out there. For most victims, however, it’s hard to even think about doing such things.

Many people who experience abuse tend to become introverted because they’re afraid of what others may say, or their abuser may be threatening them. They may also feel that there’s nobody to trust since their immediate family members are also those who abuse them.

This is quite common in cases where children become victims since they’re vulnerable to threats. Some abusive relatives even go as far as to suppress their means of communication with other family members, friends, or even a custody lawyer in Utah so they can’t ask for help.

3. Gender is not a factor.

The usual cases of domestic abuse that we hear on the news have women and children as victims. While hearing that is already bad enough, the truth is that it can happen to any person regardless of age, gender, or social status.

Men, in particular, don’t always look to report such a situation simply because they believe that as a man, they have to be able to handle it by themselves. Otherwise, they won’t be able to show their face in public. This kind of mentality creates an illusion of strength which, in truth, is just invisible tape that keeps their mouths shut.

4. We can put an end to it.

sad kid sitting on the sofaEven if abuse isn’t over, the number of reported cases brought to justice are also increasing in number. Victims are now rescued and brought to custody while the proceedings are still going on. However, it doesn’t end there quite yet. Healing is a long process, and it may take years to recover from the trauma.

One or two individuals can’t do it by themselves, so support from the community would be essential in this endeavor. Exercise better awareness of violence and abuse around you and report them to the proper authorities.

Now that you know about these facts, you can help save more people by spreading the word and trying to help the ones you know who’ve also experienced such a crisis. If you notice signs of abuse in both your neighbors and members of the household, don’t be afraid to seek the right people and ask for both legal and non-legal assistance.

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