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Anyone investing in digital marketing nowadays knows the essence of search engine optimization for their website. This has been around for ages, and there have been millions of articles written on the same topic by experts on online platforms. This has led most business owners into assuming that an in-house marketing team can comfortably handle their company’s SEO.

SEO, nonetheless, requires particular expertise to guarantee that the innovations on the market will work for your website and match the clients’ needs.

Utah-based search engine optimization experts are therefore essential for all companies in pursuit of the profits available online. Local SEO is one of the areas the experts will help you invest in. This will help you promote your brand to your local market. While it works wonders for service-based businesses, local SEO also has a significant impact on the profits of product-based companies.

Local citations are among the crucial elements of local SEO. This is a mention of your business on various platforms and will boost your ranking on search engines by helping them understand your location and legitimacy. Here are the types of local citations that will impact your local SEO:

Niche Citations

Some directories will only highlight business in specific fields, thus the importance of niche citations. These are industry-specific and will center on sites that have a direct relation to your business. Niche citations are less competitive compared to other local citations, but they require payment. You will, however, earn an optimal Google ranking for specific search terms with niche listings.

Geo-Specific Citations

These are designed to confirm the location of your company. They are an ideal way to engage the clients that reside around the neighborhood of your store. The local listings in your area more so those with the chamber of commerce and networking groups are the best for geo-specific citations. Other than the directories, you can write creative press releases and publish them on the best-performing newswire service in your locality.

Media-Rich Citations

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These allow you to add videos and photos on various online platforms where your clients will be. You should also include the latitude and longitude details of your business for geo-tagging the citation. Media-rich citations will considerably increase the credibility of your website and consequently, your ranking. You should index your images and build links to them to boost your odds of high positions further. Include high-performing keywords into the citation as well so that you rank for the same on search engines.

Web Citations

You can also use the Web to generate local citations. The ideal platforms for this include news sites, blogs, government databases, and apps. You can pay for a citation on these websites or earn a spot based on your brand’s public interest or merit.

The impact of the above citations on your local SEO rank is not equal. It will depend on the credibility of the platform you choose and the components of your citation. Some of the crucial elements of your citation include your hours of operation, business category, driving direction, and your company’s description. Reviews, taglines, accepted forms of payment, contact information, and geo-coordinates are also essential elements of a high-performing local citation.

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