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Ways to Use Social Media’s Influence on Your Packaging Design

We may find a product’s packaging in the trash right after a consumer has torn it off, but that doesn’t erase the fact that a packaging’s impact is bigger than it seems. When we browse our feeds, we’d often come across viral posts of new products with users fawning over its packaging. The reasons are either the design hops on a certain fad, or it looks so strikingly different from your average packaging.

That said, it’s imperative to come up with a high-quality packaging or container with a design that will immediately appeal to your audience. And since you’ll definitely market your product on social media, you have to aim for the trending spot. This will increase brand awareness, and subsequently, sales.

The Impact of Social Media in Packaging Designs

Before learning the techniques on how to make your packaging design viral-worthy, let’s first find out the role of social media in developing an appealing design.

Social media is now part of a consumer’s journey. It’s used not just to share their personal experiences, but also to spread stories about their new discoveries, which include a newly launched product. This is called user-generated content, and brands have been using it to reach out to an extended audience.

Influencer posts are another example of an effective user-generated content. Since influencers are deemed more relatable than Hollywood superstars, having them endorse your product delivers a more authentic feel, which consumers are seeking from brands.

Social media also introduces a lot of design trends and aesthetics, such as minimalism, for example. And of course, influencers will hitch on such trends to increase their following. Brands also follow suit. They’ll apply the “less is more” concept to their packaging design to appeal to an audience that browses the internet for new products to try.

Furthermore, the filters used on social media’s 24-hour contents tend to become a fad as well. Unicorn and rainbow filters are some examples, and, unsurprisingly, Kellogg’s came up with a limited edition unicorn cereal at the peak of the fad. Starbucks also joined in by launching a unicorn frappuccino.

There are more ways social media is changing packaging design, but these instances explain enough why it’s important to study social media’s behavior first before designing your packaging, or your entire branding concept, for that matter.


Viral-worthy Design Examples

99design has rounded up the packaging designs that will trend this year, and the top-notchers are the following:

1. Packaging that Tells a Story

Aside from imitating trendy filters, a story told through your packaging is another viral-worthy design. It forges a connection with consumers, especially those that shop online. Since they can’t touch or feel the product, the only way to impress them instantly is by making your packaging leave an impact, and a story does just that.

2. Metamorphoses

Metamorphoses are detailed illustrations that depict different types of transformation. For example, a creature with an animal’s head and a human’s body.

Such design adds visual interest, urging consumers to see the intricate details of the full picture. As such, it makes your brand stand out, and capture your customers’ attention with a deeper meaning.

3. Retro-futurism

The objective of retro-futurism is to invoke feelings of nostalgia and anticipation at the same time. It can be a fusion of retro-inspired typography and minimalist logos. This style can be appealing to millennials, who have witnessed many brands change their logos from being bright and bold to simpler and sharper. (e.g. Google)

These predicted trends may not be what you expected, so you may play it safe and keep to the minimalist side, since it continues to be patronized by many. Or, emerge brave with an old-world packaging that pays homage to the past traditions. Whatever you choose, make it a goal to make a strong statement.

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