Ways You Can Promote a Love of Learning in Kids

It’s harder to develop a love for learning than score things like free 4th grade writing worksheets. But once you set it in the perspective of your child, you have given a gift that will last a lifetime. Promote a love of learning to your kids or your nieces and nephews with these tips:

No Shortcuts – Set an Example

Words cannot compel a child, but your example will. If they see you with a book, taking courses even in old age, and learning through multimedia materials, it will leave a lasting mark on them than any word or gift ever will. Make sure that you can walk your talk when trying to set a good example that your children can follow.

Invest in Experiences

Instead of buying a cabinet full of toys, try to be more discerning with your gifting choices. Invest in experiences: a trip to the zoo, a painting kit that they will enjoy when sprawled on the floor, or a tour in a science museum. Experiences like these can encourage your child to ask questions to learn more and find interesting things to know.

Always Answer Their Questions

There are no mundane questions when it comes to children. You will miss these inquiries when they grow up and start worrying about adult things. Be patient when answering them to have their curiosity satisfied. Make sure they stay safe while they fulfill their need to learn more.

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Allow Them to Play and Explore with Their Senses

Engaging the senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch will enhance the learning experience. Discussing anatomy from a textbook is standard in most schools. But having a live skeleton and examining the parts one by one in a visual manner is more effective in gaining retention. Psychologists have always advocated play-based learning because of its effectivity. This learning works mainly in the early years. They retain information better when they are enjoying the activity.

Discover Their Natural Interests

Don’t deviate when trying to teach a lesson. Try to see if your child has a natural penchant for something and use it as a teaching moment. Don’t overdo it, though. For example, if your child likes flowers, you can encourage them to put a flower under a kiddie microscope and study its cellular makeup. You can point out the parts while doing so.

Get Them in Touch with Their Idols

If kids have idols that they look up to, make it a point to let them meet those people. They can influence your child to do better in life and reach for their dreams by their mere existence alone. For instance, if it’s a superhero, hire someone to wear a Spiderman costume and give good advice on life and learning. They can even do things like how Spiderman would do it.

Be as creative as you want with your approach. It’s best to have a lot of happy memories with your children as you inculcate the habit of learning and loving every minute of it.

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