Why choose after school programs at early learning centers?

Finding childcare can be a complex and emotional decision for parents. For most families, it’s necessary for children to be in after-school care so that parents can work. In fact, about 8 million kids are enrolled in after-school programs today for this reason, according to Vox. Let’s look at some top reasons why you should choose early learning centers to handle your child’s after-school care.

A Safe Option

There is some debate over what age is appropriate for a child to be alone after school. Regardless of the differences of opinion, though, there are state-regulated ages for leaving a child alone. You must follow these minimum suggestions. But you do need to keep in mind that the age set by your state is a minimum and that it doesn’t consider many other factors. For instance, the maturity level of a specific child may not be developed enough by that age to be left alone. Another factor could be whether or not you feel that your community or neighborhood is a safe place for your child to be while alone. Ultimately, each parent needs to evaluate their confidence and comfort level in leaving the child alone. Even if your child is legally old enough to be left alone, but you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you should look into the safer option of after-school programs at early learning centers.

Continued Educational Opportunities

When your child participates in an after-school program at early learning centers, they will not waste valuable hours daily. If a child is home alone or even with a traditional babysitter, the hours after school may not be used for enriching activities. An early learning center will ensure that your child’s after-school hours are used effectively for homework, studying, or engaging activities. You can rest assured that your child will be learning valuable information in a safe, supportive environment.

Relaxed Socialization

Although your child experiences socialization during the school day, these hours are often highly regimented and focused on lessons. An after-school program provides your child the chance to socialize in a more relaxed environment, grow friendships, and build new ones.

These are just a few of the benefits of after-school programs at early learning centers. Keep these in mind as you choose the best spot for your little one!

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