Why Stories Are Good Motivators

Motivation is important to keep employees happy, satisfied, engaged and performing at a high level at work. If this lags, your business will not reach the heights you want it to achieve.

There are different techniques that can motivate your team, and one of these is storytelling. Storytelling has an inspiring effect on people who hear it.

Stories Activate the Imagination

Numbers and facts are black and white, and these are often boring. Discussing these is important, but they quickly lull listeners to sleep. When a speaker tells a story, on the other hand, people start to pay attention.

This is because stories activate the imagination of listeners. The characters populating the narrative, their motivations, actions and the outcome all elicit the creative part of the brain. They imagine being in the setting and experiencing what a relatable character is going through.

A good speaker often starts a talk with a story about themselves or one that they integrate to the topic they are discussing. They weave facts and numbers into it and then proceed to a call-to-action or final word of inspiration. This powerful tool captures the hearts and minds of listeners and keeps them engaged throughout.

Stories Are Relatable

Numbers are cold; they have no emotion and no shared experience. On the other hand, a story relates to those who hear it on different levels.

They may have grown up in the same neighborhood or a similar setting, they might know someone who experienced the same thing or have experienced it themselves, and they can see themselves overcoming similar problems. When a speaker relates to people, they can inspire and motivate them.

Stories Are Memorable

A narrative clings to a person’s memory longer. The characters used in the story gain texture, a past, present and future. The personal story of growth, courage and overcoming of obstacles of a speaker lasts beyond the confines of a conference room or stage. Stories linger longer after an event. Listeners may recall the details or the general thought and feel inspired.

Effective Speaking Techniques

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The best speakers you can get from a sports speaker bureau use certain methods to keep their listeners attentive and deliver a message that lasts. Here are some of them:

  • Non-Verbal Cues – It is not just what about what a person says, but how they say it. The best speakers have a distinct intonation and body language that captivate their listeners.
  • Strong Narrative – A coherent story and narrative fascinate listeners. The characters are motivated, believable and relatable.
  • Likable Protagonist – People need someone to root for in a story. Create a character that exemplifies the traits your audience may have. Once listeners have a hero or heroine to support, they will remember the story and feel inspired by it.
  • Create a Mental Picture – Show, do not tell. Use descriptive words, similes and metaphors when telling a story. Engaging the creativity of listeners will keep them attentive throughout the talk.

A story is a great way to inspire and motivate people. Speakers who know how to tell stories are able to deliver the message they want and become an inspiration to listeners.

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