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4 Ways to Be Extra Safe When Driving

In driving, most of us wish to be safe at all times. There is no good and bad driver as long as you manage to get to where you are going alive and safe. At least, that is how the world defines safe driving in this day and age.

But, how do you really ensure safety when driving? And if you already are, how could you be extra safe? Below are four simple yet effective techniques to be extra safe while on the road. Keep them in mind at all times.

1. Purchase a lighting device.

In the event that it is legal in your city or state, bring with you some emergency light bars. Although this might cause a distraction to others as well as possible trouble with the law, having some of these with you inside your car as you drive is good.

Once you are on the road and emergency strikes, use emergency light bars, and you will surely draw attention, making it a bit easier for you to receive help as well as be recognized.

2. During an accident, choose a spot to go to.

Sometimes, it is really hard to believe that no matter how careful you drive, you still end up losing your luck and get into some sort of an accident. When the time comes that you are indeed getting in an accident, do your best to maintain focus on what areas you might be safe.

Due to hand-eye coordination, in the event you happen to look right while in the middle of an accident, then your hands will go the same way. Look for a place you want your vehicle to go to and not on the things that might hit you as well as your car.

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3. Hold the wheel right.

The way to hold the steering wheels has become more of a style and attitude when driving these days. The appropriate way to hold the steering wheel while driving is by grabbing it with the left hand on the 9 o’clock and the right on the 3 o’clock position. This way, you can have more leverage as well as stability as you drive.

4. When sleepy, forget about driving.

It is quite obvious — driving while you are sleepy will increase your chances of getting in a car accident. So for all the reasons, do not ever try to drive when you can’t keep your eyes open or even if you just feel like taking a nap. In the end, a good nap is far better than a car accident.

The reality is driving is that most drivers really do not make a plan. More often than not, you just rush into your car and hit the gas. Little did we all know, a few minutes of planning before driving can do much of a difference.

You have to know what route to go to and, more importantly, stabilize a mindset before you drive. These tips will definitely help a lot.

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