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Acquiring Dental Chairs for a Dental Clinic

Some of the essential requirements of running a successful dental clinic is getting the right dental equipment and licensing. An often neglected factor by most dentists when running a dental clinic is the quality of the dental chairs. The chairs in your dental facility play a big role in ensuring the comfort for your patients. But what should you look for in a dental chair? Here are some of the things that you should consider when shopping for dental chairs for your dental facility from a company offering dental practice solutions:

Positioning of the Headrest

When administering dental treatment, it is important to get a comfortable position for the patient. The headrest assists the patient in achieving a comfortable position for treatment. The adjustment on the seat is through the forefinger and thumb. The headrest follows the patient’s motion when the patient raises or lowers the position on the chair.

Cradling of the Patient

Besides the chair’s backrest being ergonomically right to protect the back of the patient, the head is also a critical body part for the patient. It is important to have a hinge mechanism on the seat for the right positioning of the head. When reclining a patient, the board around the feet should lift the legs of the patient. The cradling motion of the seat causes the patient to rotate into the comfortable position ahead of treatment.

Young female patient sitting on chair in dental officeCompatibility with Décor

Besides looking for the functionality of the chairs, patients look at the aesthetic appearance of a dental clinic. Hence, it is important to consider the overall look of the seats. The colours and the upholstery materials of the seat should complement the décor of the clinic.

Movement of the Chair

When a chair can move to a low position, it allows the dental expert to deliver health care comfortably.  When the chair is low under normal circumstances, the dentist may need to raise in a position to allow them to administer treatment. Therefore, it is essential that the dental chairs have the allowance to move either in an upward or downward position.


One of the most ignored factors when looking for dental chairs is their stability. The best way to ensure dental chair stability is paying attention to the material of the chair. An ideal chair should have a strong base made of strong and durable material and a narrow profile. It is important to consider the load rating of a patient to be sure that the seat can support your patients.

The dental equipment that you need for your facility will shape the delivery of your health care. The number of equipment you will need will depend on the size of your facility. Regardless of the number of chairs you want to acquire, you cannot compromise on their quality. There are other factors that you should consider when looking for dental equipment for your facility. As a result, it is important to consult a company that offers dental practice solutions for new and existing dental clinics. The experts will help you find the right dental chairs for your facility.


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