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Building an Unforgettable Brand: What You Should Do

If you want your product to be a success, then you’ll need to leave a solid mark on people’s minds. It can be an uphill battle, though. Other brands are out there on the market that want to leave their mark. Here are some possible approaches to making your brand more memorable for people to choose from:

Look Great on the Shelves

When people are shopping, your big advantage would be to catch their eye. You might even get them to impulsively buy your product bases on how good it looks. Various products use this approach to convince potential buyers that they are a good deal. For example, great liquor packaging draws people in with bright colors and a hip image. You’ll need to sit down with your graphic design team and develop a look that will be your signature on the shelves. It can be a color like Coca Cola’s distinctive red and white, or maybe a shape like Apple’s sleek design. Work on making your product attractive, and you’ll get results.

Be Fun and Humorous

People like brands that can laugh at themselves. Knowing when it is time not to be serious about things can be a great help to a product. If you’ve seen the popular Old Spice commercials then that is what you should be aiming for. People will always remember a good joke, and they might even tell it to others. The problem with this is that comedy is difficult. You’ll need to hire a top-notch advertising team if you want to create a fun commercial that everyone will love.

Give Customers What They Want and More

People buy things because they want something. It can be to quench their thirst or to grease the door hinges. The important thing here is to be able to deliver on your promises. If your product manages to do its job, customers will remember it.

For example, if you buy some super glue to repair a cracked vase and it did a good job, you’ll look for it the next time you need it for something similar. But you need to go beyond that. When people find something is effective or good at their job, they keep coming back to it. Ensure that your product is the best there is and your customers will come back.

Slogans or Characters Help

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Various forms of media bombard people every day. It can be hard to make yourself heard above the din, but if you make a short slogan or have a recognizable character then you have a way for people to remember you. Someone like KFC’s Colonel Saunders can remain in people’s memories for a long time. A simple slogan such as “Just Do It” can also help. Developing these is not easy, so you’ll want to work with your team to create one.

You know you’ve hit the big time when people use your product as a reference. Being part of pop culture can ensure that people will always be reaching for your product on the shelves. It will take a lot of hard work, but it can be worth it for the profits alone.


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