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Digital Trends In the Food Business That Will Make Investors Drool

The food industry is very diverse and is a worthy investment for those who are looking for viable investments. It has been evolving every year right before our very eyes. Even more, it has most definitely transformed with the help of digital technology. The changes may be seen in the production to distribution and marketing. It certainly speaks volumes on how vital digital is in today’s world.

Of course, we need food to survive. Who doesn’t? Food nourishes and gives nutrients to our bodies. And it often triggers emotions and physical sensations that we can all relate to. Thus, a food business is bound to be a hit, more so if it’s a franchised one.

Make no mistake about it. Competition is harsh. And, the food sector is certainly not for the weak of hearts. Statistics show more or less 60% of newly built restaurants fail within a year of opening. That’s why looking at some of the most talked-about trends in digital happening in the food business today is spot on.

Smart Kitchen Operations

Because we are living in such a fast-paced world, many fast-food chains and restaurants are upping their game. As customers, we all want fast service but also freshly cooked meals and snacks. And digital has an answer to this.

That’s why many food franchises serving fresh sandwiches are switching towards smart appliances. We’re talking about smart walk-in fridges and smart kitchen. And the benefits are plenty. For instance, smart fridges can tell you when their door is left open while smart pressure cookers tell the cashier when the food is ready. All of which are controllable from your fingertips. Amazing!

It is important to cook fresh ingredients and not just preheated snacks or meals. To add to all that, you must adhere to EPA standards that all restaurants and other food businesses should follow. Thus, having smart appliances is crucial to better hassle-free kitchen operations.

Of course, we all know franchises offering submarine sandwiches and their take-home variants are doing pretty well in America even during the pandemic. Their rise is attested by thousands of franchise stores opening all over the land.

Certainly, looking into the cost of a sandwich shop franchise these days may well be worth it if you’re keen about business. As these brands have a turn-key system you can use, the success ratio is very high.


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With the alarming problem regarding climate change and other economic issues, most people are changing their views to help Mother Earth. And the food business is no exception. One of the priorities right now is to practice environmental sustainability. And it has been increasingly popular in the food sector because of social media influence among the younger generations.

By digitizing and the use of robotics, many food companies in the industry are making alternatives when it comes to packaging. This way, people can lessen the use of plastic and other harmful packages that can affect the environment.

Social Media Influence

There are many free social media platforms that we indulge and enjoy. It is surely entertaining, especially scrolling through food-related content on Instagram. And these social media sites have the power to pique customer’s interest.

Also, new diners agree that part of why they go to certain restaurants and fast-food chains is because they see it through their friend’s Instagram or Facebook. There’s no doubt about it; this is one of the leading digital trends for many years now. And it’s not going away anytime soon.

The Rise in Using Machines

The use of robotics and machines in the food business ensures both affordability and quality. By using this modern technology, it can lower the cost of keeping the ingredients fresh, all the while increasing productivity. A concrete example is the deboning of chicken. Robots can do it faster. Some debone as many as 100 chickens in a minute, a feat impossible via human hands.

The use of robotics is a perfect example of food technology. And the European food industry is certainly making use of the many benefits it provides. Like eliminating safety issues and instead, they are using robotics on dangerous work, instead of hiring an actual human being.

It’s a win-win scenario. Best of all, it assures consumers they’re getting food that’s as fresh and delicious as can be.

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