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Display Items That Make Your Lawn Look Livelier

Establishments such as school campuses and parks often have open areas where people can hang out and relax. Some of these are like the lawns you see in residential areas. The good thing about them is that they integrate a lot of greenery into the area, giving it a fresh and environmentally friendly vibe. But maintaining these spaces is no joke. They usually encounter a lot of foot traffic. As a result, the patches of grass would later look worn out and expose the soil beneath.

For an area of a large scale, you can contact companies that offer commercial landscaping services. That can help make the dried-up areas look new by adding in fresh patches of grass. Just leave the sprinklers on to feed those reeds with water, and you will see the greenery again in no time.

Wide spaces could look empty, and this goes the same for some lawns, even if they are well-maintained. People can get bored if all they see around them is an area full of well-trimmed grass. If you want to liven up the look of the lawn, these items can help fulfill that.

Bird Fountains

Having some random and cute animals can break the monotony of looking at an empty lawn. Birds and butterflies are often seen here, and they help add color to the surrounding. If you like to have them around often, you can install a few bird fountains on the field.

Your feathered friends will surely keep coming back if they know that they can have a drink of water every time they visit your place. The fountains are also often created like an art sculpture, which can serve as additional eye candy to the surroundings.

Potted Plants

A great way to fill up some space is to have some potted plants. Not only do the pots themselves add color and variety, but the plants in them, too. They also add a lot of different shapes and forms to the area. Seeing different kinds of leaves, tree branches, or even fruits adds a lot of life to the scenery.


Flowers and stones in front of the house, front yard

Adding pieces of figurines can attract a lot of eyes and stimulate people’s imaginations. The great thing about them is that you practically can make up whatever you want. A popular form of this is the garden gnome. These provide a whimsical and playful ambiance to wherever you put them. But for other places, you need to know what you are aiming for with regard to the overall look.

For example, those gnomes totally look out of place when you put them in front of an office building. In this instance, you have to think about what would fit well with the business’s identity. A fishing company’s premises will look nice if there are some sculptures related to the hobby, such as various kinds of trout or bass. Whenever you see those figurines, you should instantly make the connection between those art pieces and the company.

It is great that having lawns in public spaces or commercial areas promotes the idea of caring for the environment. These let people appreciate how beautiful life can be when you are surrounded by nature. But if you want to add some more flair, you can still do so with these fun items.

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