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Four Ways You Can Use Technology to Protect Your Family

Through the years, it has gotten easier to protect our families (the kids, especially) from criminal activities both on the internet and in the real world. There are dozens of devices now available to track down your kids’ whereabouts. There are tools that you can use to monitor their internet activities so you can keep your eye on people on social media pretending to be your teenage kid’s friend. While some of these systems are expensive and may be out of your budget, you only have to wait for a few weeks before a more affordable unit becomes available in the market. That’s how fast-moving technology has become in the past few years.

Home Technology Systems

If you do not have home automation systems in your houses, you’re missing out on quite a lot of perks. Having an automated home is so convenient that you’ll wonder after installing it why you haven’t invested in it before. There are different types of home technology systems, but the most popular are those that allow you to lock and unlock the doors remotely. This will prove beneficial if you’re the type of person who usually forgets to lock the front door.

What are the other features of a smart home system? The system can turn the lights on and off. When you arrive, you can turn it on to monitor your surroundings before getting out of the car. This will make sure no one’s hiding behind the fence or bushes ready to pounce on you the moment you open your car door. Of course, garage doors can be remotely opened and closed. You can also hook the system to the security cameras so you can monitor the activities in your home even when you’re in the office.

GPS Trackers

Trackers are on everything. You can track your phone, laptop, car, and even your partner and teenage kids. It may seem invasive to track your teenagers’ whereabouts but if it’s done intending to keep them away from harm, then maybe that’s a bit justified. Still, it’s better to talk to them about why you need to install a GPS tracker on their phones or cars. If they want you to trust them, they should earn that by going only to pre-approved places.

You can install a tracker on your little kid’s bike, too. If they wander off and don’t know how to go back home, the accompanying software on your phone will alarm you. Another way to track the driving habits of your teenage kids is to install a software on your phone that’s connected to the car. The software will tell you if your kids are speeding. A dashcam will also give you an idea of your kids’ driving habits.

Abduction Alarm

For your little kids, you can buy an abduction alarm. This is something they carry in their pockets or hang around their necks. It doesn’t only send a signal to your phone, but it also emits an alarm if it wanders too far away from the receiver. This way, people will know that your kid is being taken or wandering off alone. The alarm will continue to sound until the device is back within the acceptable range you previously set.

Many parents use this device when they are out shopping with their kids. Since kids tend to get lost in malls and grocery stores, the parents can set the range within a specific area of the store only. The alarm will be loud enough for everyone nearby to hear.

Internet Monitoring Programs

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Although technology has helped parents monitor the activities of their kids, it also allowed their kids to have access to outside their usual circle. Thankfully, you can install a monitoring program on your computer. You can put parental controls on what your kids can access on the internet. As long as they don’t know the password, they cannot get through this barrier.

Does it sound invasive? Not if your kids are still minors who may fall victim to criminals on the internet. You should still talk to them about their computer usage and the sites they access on the internet. Make sure they are aware that the internet isn’t completely a safe place for them.

There is no shortage of criminals whether in real life or on the internet. You have to do what you can to make sure your family is safe. That also involves using technology to make sure they follow all the rules you have previously negotiated with them. Remember that two heads are better than one. So, although kids are smarter these days, you can still benefit from using what technology is available to keep them safe from harm.

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