How to Get Started with High Ticket Digital Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

  • High ticket digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling high-valued products through email marketing, data analysis, paid advertising, etc.
  • A high-ticket product is usually a product over $1,000 and a luxurious, non-essential item.
  • You should track the progress of every step of the sales funnel to ensure a higher customer retention rate.
  • Influencers and social media are potentially the best digital marketing strategies for gathering the most audience.

High ticket digital marketing involves using digital marketing tools to support the sale of high-ticket products and earn profit. Usually, the profit is made through commissions. However, to understand the definition, you have to know what makes a product high-ticket.

High-ticket products are luxury, high-end products, and very few people can afford them. Digital marketing plays a key role in selling these products, as pitching them to the wrong audience can result in no profit.

Thankfully, there are many tools and tested strategies you can use to your advantage to drive high-ticket sales. Below, we’ll go over the top high-ticket digital marketing strategies that’ll make all the difference in your product campaigns.

What Is High Ticket Digital Marketing?

What is high ticket digital marketing? High ticket digital marketing, by definition, is the act of promoting high-ticket products or products with a significantly high value (over $1,000). These products could be jewelry, cars, events, and educational degrees, to name a few.

There are two types of marketing: high-ticket and low-ticket digital marketing. Some of the differences between these two are the profit you get from selling the product, the methods used, and the audience you target.

To draw a clear picture, we’ll take one of the most common digital marketing methods today – affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing operates on commissions. If you sell the product on a site, you need to give a certain percentage to the site, or a commission. Affiliates earn a fortune from selling a single high-valued product.

However, a $10 product is easier to sell than a $10,000 product. It involves fewer risks, which means it can even be sold easily as a cross-sale, meaning in addition to the intended purchase. But, when selling a product valued at $10,000, you need to go the extra mile to show the client why they need it in their lives. Offering valuable info in the form of a webinar, for example, is a great way to get your message across and show the client that you are attentive and are catering to their personal needs.

To conclude, the selling of high-ticket products requires specific strategies, as you will see in the content below.

High Ticket Digital Marketing Strategies

Every prospective customer goes through a so-called sales funnel, each step taking them closer to making a purchase. It looks something like this:

  • The prospect comes across your business online
  • They become aware of your brand and enticed to explore more about it and the products
  • Eventually, their growing interest leads to a sale.

Several types of high ticket digital marketing strategies can get your customers through each stage of the sales funnel:

Targeting High-Value Customers

While you should treat every customer with the same level of attentiveness, it’s a fact that some clients deliver more customer lifetime value than others. These particular clients spend significantly more than your average customer on a single purchase. They also tend to stick with one trusted brand and will spread the word about your services to their friends.

So, how do you identify and pander to these high-value customers? You need to research your audience and learn their habits, likes, dislikes, and shopping behavior. There are many ways you can track their behavior, including paid ads, customer feedback, email marketing, etc.

Developing an Irresistible Offer

brand loyalty

Creating special offers for your potential audience is the fastest formula for building brand loyalty and getting them to gain trust in your products. It shows that their interest is valuable for the business, and they are part of the “family.”

But what makes an offer irresistible? When crafting an ad for a specific product, you can make it much more appealing by highlighting the things that set your product apart from others and creating a sense of urgency.

To develop an irresistible offer, you can offer discounts or create loyalty/VIP cards depending on what high-ticket products you’re selling. However, the point of the offer should have a loyalty value. Keep that in mind, and get creative with the offer.

Creating High-Value Content

When promoting your business, content is an inevitable high-ticket marketing strategy. It helps you gain visibility on the market and show the quality of your product. The content you share must be relevant to the audience because their purchases are the end goal of the strategy.

Creating high-value content may be difficult, though. The digital marketer should set the right tone, address the correct audience and share valuable information about the brand and the product.

One tip that can solve most of the content creation process dilemmas is considering your customer’s point of view. In other words, the content you create should be relatable to its audience, and the customers need to find exactly what they’re looking for.

You should also research the audience to see what they’re looking for when looking at your site and use those keywords in the content. SEO is king in digital marketing, regardless of what you’re selling.

Last but not least, don’t forget the visuals. Adding pictures to your content refreshes the content, making it easily skimmable.

High Ticket Digital Marketing Channels

To achieve your high ticket digital marketing goal, there are several effective channels to utilize and watch your revenues and business glow:

Paid Advertising

paid advertising

Paid ads are easy to implement in your digital marketing plan and even easier to understand. You will need your customers’ purchasing information and shopping behavior. Having such information at hand makes it easy for you to predict when your customer’s next big purchase might happen and use it as leverage.

Speaking of leveraging information, the next point is targeting the audience. For this feature, you need to utilize the emails of your customers in the ad platform (Facebook Ads/Google Ads, depending on which you prefer) and address them with special ads about your newest high-ticket products that may catch their attention.

Of course, to do so, you will need ad content creation. There are many media you can use to target the right audience, but videos are most effective. Also, you should get creative with the narrative. Share some case studies and facts about what makes your brand so valuable and ensure the listener gets the message.

Content Marketing

Marketers have a specific way of selling high-ticket products through content because the piece has to stand out from the crowd.

Some of the best content marketing strategies recommended for high-ticket products are:

  • Landing pages: This type of content focuses strictly on the product details, and the reader should find everything they’re looking for in that content. The style of the content should match the price of the product, so make sure you invest in good marketing.
  • Webinars: When it comes to selling the product, there is no better way than to promote it on a webinar. These are very effective selling channels that allow both the buyer and seller to meet the requirements successfully.

To that end, you will have to research your customer’s data. The research specifically requires information on your customer’s annual purchases from your brand, time spent on your app, prior shopping history and habits, and social media presence.

Knowing all of this leverages your selling point as you will know where, when, and how to address the customer. Plus, promoting a product on a webinar speaks a lot about the value of the given product.

These two can help you raise the bar in terms of customers and revenues and are thus highly recommended!

Influencer Marketing

Apart from the celebrities wearing or using given products and drawing attention to create a shopping urge, many businesses reach out to macro-influencers to market their products. Macro-influencers are social media personalities with over 150,000 subscribers or followers.

There are several reasons why influencers are the next big marketing trend in high ticket digital marketing, but we will focus only on the two most relevant. One, the influencer already has an established audience, and followers follow them because they like them, and more importantly – trust them.

Best Practices for High Ticket Digital Marketing

Data is the driver of digital marketing; without it, you have no way of tracking your metrics and making proper adjustments to improve them. Let’s see how data analysis, A/B testing, and automation can steer your strategy in the right direction:

Analyzing and Understanding Your Data

Data analysis is fundamental for any business. Having insight into the current state of your company in detail keeps things running smoothly at a consistent pace. However, to do so, you will have to understand your data.

The starting point is the key performance indicator or the KPI. The KPI in sales is the metric that measures how successful the performance was in meeting your goals. Tracking the KPIs regularly allows you to see not only the progress evaluation but also get to evaluate the applied strategies and determine the most successful move.

In the future, you will know exactly what does and doesn’t work for your business. This will help you get rid of any moves or strategies that aren’t working or, worse, slowing down your performance.

Ultimately, tracking KPIs is not only a post-performance analysis. You can track it in progress and adjust the strategy accordingly. This ability gives you the upper hand in the business.

Some KPI examples include:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost per lead
  • Customer retention, etc.

A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a simple strategy mostly used when it comes to site optimization.

To put it simply, you create a campaign but aren’t sure of its variables. What you can do is split your audience, and each group will look at a different variation of your campaign. In the end, the one with the better performance wins.

A/B testing helps the creators visualize the changes better and decide on the right option with more certainty.

You can include the A/B testing in your high ticket digital marketing strategies and improve sales. For example, when creating a campaign for your new product, there is no better or more tangible way to test the new strategy than with A/B tests.

The best way or areas to apply A/B testing is in content creation. Digital marketers have to create the best content for all their clients’ products. However, when it comes to high-ticket products, aesthetics play a huge role, and the message the creator conveys through the content must be elevated and classy.

Therefore, to make the decision-making process simpler regarding the text, font, visuals, etc., you need A/B testing. This methodology will always help you choose the most suitable and matching decision because it will be based on facts, not assumptions.

Automating Your Marketing

personalized emails

Marketing automation is all about reducing costs and the time needed to implement a marketing strategy.

Using software, companies can improve their budget by automating repetitive tasks like social media posting and emailing. The benefit here is that while they’ll be automated, you can still create content that will be personalized yet sent out at a faster rate without mishaps.

How Marketing Automation Benefits High-ticket Businesses

When selling high-ticket products and creating emails for automated marketing, it is vital to keep them personalized. Customers love when they receive an email that addresses them directly and doesn’t read like a template. Any additional statistics, facts, and case studies are welcome.

If your target audience is pretty prevalent on social media, a good idea is to automate the social media sector of your businesses. You can track which time of day drives the most traffic and views and send out posts accordingly.

High Ticket Digital Marketing Success Stories

Every successful story is a lesson you can learn a lot from. Below, we selected three high ticket digital marketing campaigns to get you inspired and on the right track to promoting your products:

1. The Story of Tony Robbins’ High Ticket Funnel

Tony Robbins is a famous entrepreneur and business strategist who simplifies the high ticket funnel into understandable bits for all beginners. Namely, to understand the process, you should know that every sales funnel has to correspond with the buyer’s journey.

There are specific steps every buyer goes through, and they go as follows:


This stage is when your customer learns about your company and gets interested. Tony Robbins advises paid ads, word of mouth, and SEO optimization as some of the best strategies to brand awareness.


This part of the story is when a customer gets interested in your products. To hook more customers, you have to pay attention to your digital presence and optimize it regularly. You should also create appropriate content about your products like landing pages.

Create info-packed content through which customers can find everything they need at their fingertips. Another way to keep your customers engaged is through email marketing.


The decision stage is when the customer contemplates buying your product. This stage is crucial because you need to convince your customers that your product will bring more value to their lives. To do so, you need social proof like a reference from an influencer or a celebrity. That can help a customer make up their mind.


The last step of the way is making the purchase. This means the customer has reached the end of the funnel. However, the marketing part is still not done. You should consider cross-selling or upselling techniques before the customer closes the order.

2. The Story of Frank Kern’s High Ticket Marketing Strategy

Frank Kern is one of the most successful marketers who established a behavioral marketing strategy that works like a charm with any business.

Intent-based branding is a strategy that existed way before Kern. But,\ Kern suggests turning yourself into a brand while offering other products or services to your customers. You need to build a stronger relationship with a large audience. 

To do so, you need to research the market to find and gather an audience with similar needs. Then, you need to analyze your competitors’ offers and how their customers respond to them.

Then, you can get in contact with said customers and offer some free advice, introducing your service or product in the process. Finally, you upsell your product while maintaining a customer who knows they can rely on you and earn some profit.

3. The Story of Grant Cardone’s High Ticket Sales Process

Grant Cardone has a lot of sales stories to offer. especially when it comes to closing deals. One of the relevant cases for us is the follow-up technique.

Grant explains that sales follow-up is the biggest problem many businesses face. According to a study, 48% of salespeople admitted they do not practice follow-up, while 64% admitted they don’t know how to nurture leads. In other words, many salespeople face cart abandonment, which results in profit loss.

To break the cycle, Grant suggests reaching out to your customer within the first few minutes after they abandon the cart because that raises the chances to get them to buy the product by 900 times.

Emails, calls on the phone, or other personal approaches where the client feels valued to be your customer are some of the follow-up approaches you can try out.

Impact of High ticket Digital Marketing on Businesses

High ticket digital marketing is one of the best ways to grow a business and reach new financial goals. Let’s look at a very successful ad campaign you’ve most definitely heard of before – Elon Musk’s Tesla.

While Elon Musk had a little bit of help (his star status), he still focused his efforts on high-tech digital marketing to ensure his products get to the right buyers. He introduced the new car model on social media, and there were special webinars and seminars about the car to create hype around it. Finally, you can find info-packed content for a single keyword type related to Tesla on Google search!

Finally, Musk made extra efforts to accent the cars’ eco-friendliness, which is a high-selling point nowadays. That’s how Tesla placed itself among the leading car companies in the world.

In regards to profits, the company had sold 935,950 units in 2021 with a steady year-over-year growth since then. The marketing model of Tesla is a high ticket digital marketing model by the book, and we can see that it definitely paid off well.


Let’s go over high-ticket marketing in short!

What is high ticket digital marketing? This particular marketing strategy involves the promotion of high-ticket or high-value products that are aimed at an exclusive group of people.

Customers of high-ticket products have a specific way of shopping that’s called a sales funnel, where the customer needs a proper introduction of the product, information and details about the value, and time for individual assessment and making a decision.

During each stage of the sales funnel, you should amp up your marketing efforts to keep the customer engaged until the end. For this, you can utilize a group of marketing channels like paid advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Finally, your strategy won’t be complete without a progress-tracking system. For this, you should run regular split tests as well as collect data and analyze its effectiveness. Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to marketing success!

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