How Companies Can Benefit from Installing Industrial Concrete Coatings

In any type of construction, several factors come into play to ensure the structure’s stability and sturdiness. A building’s foundation and framework must be able to bear all the weight that it needs to support. The exterior walls, windows and roofing must be able to protect the inside of the building against the elements. Aesthetics is also an important consideration in construction. A visually appealing structure will not only attract the attention of customers, clients or applicants but it will also give tenants a sense of pride and satisfaction.

However, just like a building’s foundation, structural framework or aesthetics, flooring is also a critical aspect when it comes to building design and construction. Investing in the appropriate industrial concrete coating will lead to many benefits. Here are some of them.

Concrete Coatings Extend the Life of Your Floors

Concrete floors, especially in areas where there is heavy traffic, can be prone to deterioration. Floor coatings must be applied to extend the life of concrete and prevent the appearance of cracks and depressions which may cause accidents. Installing industrial-grade floor coatings will also allow companies to save on repair costs later on.

Concrete Coatings Make Floors Safer

Concrete coat

Floor coatings are available in many different types, but each type is designed to keep people safe from accident. Some types of floor coatings include one or the combination of the following features:

  • Slip-resistant: Non-slip floor coatings often contain materials such as colored quartz, silica sand, aluminum oxide or rubber to make the surface resistant to slippage. The choice of material will depend on whether there is minimal or heavy traffic expected on the area or the type of products stored in the facility.
  • Chemical-resistant: Chemical-resistant floor coatings are suitable for manufacturers of chemical products that may cause stains, erosion or contamination.
  • Anti-vibration: Worksites with heavy equipment such as forklifts and trucks may experience shaking or vibrating concrete floors. Anti-vibration floor coatings help reduce noise and damage caused by ground tremors.
  • Anti-static: Anti-static flooring solutions eliminate build-up of static electricity and minimize the occurrence of accidental sparks or detonation especially in the manufacturing and firearms industries.

Concrete Coatings Require Minimal Maintenance

Industrial concrete coatings like epoxy turn into a solid, smooth surface when converted to its final state, making floors easier to clean. Unlike concrete that is porous, floor coatings will prevent chemicals or bacteria-causing water or moisture from seeping in.

Concrete Coatings Add Visual Aesthetics

Floors may be the least noticeable part of a building so concrete coatings are a great way to create a more attractive atmosphere inside the building. Coatings add shine, texture and color to bare floors and are also available in multiple patterns allowing full customization. Since there’s a broad range of colors, patterns and designs to choose from, floors coatings can also be used to designate specific areas, e.g. distinguish pedestrian areas from vehicles zones.

Industrial concrete coatings provide both functional and decorative benefits for industrial and commercial spaces. Building owners and companies should invest in comprehensive industrial flooring solutions to protect their asset and create a safer, more attractive environment for tenants and workers.

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