Life as a Working Student: How to Make Easy Money While in School

When you’re a college student, it can be challenging to find work that can fit around your hectic schedule. Although most would gravitate towards conventional student weekend or evening jobs in hospitality and retail, working during odd hours of the day can take a toll on students’ health. Fortunately, there are now plenty of creative and easy ways to earn money as a student without sacrificing your health.

With that in mind, consider the following ways to earn money without interfering with your classes and studies.

Be Entrepreneurial

If you have any hidden talent or skill like drawing, being a handyman, cooking, or graphic designing, taking advantage of these can help you get a side hustle going. After all, most people have interests that can likely make some cash when done creatively. Whether it’s restoring a piece of furniture or creating braided diamond engagement ring designs, you can make money off your passion without interrupting your studies. Discover what you’re good at doing under time pressure and advertise your services or products online, whether on social media or your website.

Paid Internships

Although getting paid internships isn’t the easiest way to make money as a student, it can provide you with long-term benefits. That’s because getting a job as an intern in your selected field of study can mean better things for your career, allowing you to get work relevant to your studies, leading to a decent paying job when you graduate.

You can find paid internships within your college or university, and you can ask about these through student services or career services.

Use Money-Making Apps

Nowadays, anyone can earn additional cash by completing one-off tasks for different clients using nothing more than mobile phone apps. With apps like TidyMe or Airtasker, you can sign up and get assignments instantly within your area. Whether it’s looking after plants, dog-sitting, cleaning homes, or helping people move furniture, these simple tasks can help you make extra cash while not taking up too much of your time.

Manage Social Media for Small Businesses

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Although social media has gradually become a crucial aspect of most businesses’ marketing campaigns, many small businesses don’t have the time to understand how to manage their social media accounts correctly. That’s why if you have a broad understanding of different social media platforms, get in touch with a local business and offer your services to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram for them or interact with customers through these platforms.

Become an Uber Driver

If you have a decent car and a driver’s license, why not take advantage of these and drum up extra money working as an Uber driver? It’s relatively easy to register, and you can work any time convenient for you, allowing you to be your ‘own’ boss. Additionally, working as an uber driver means no one’s continually watching over your shoulder, and you can decide who you pick up and when to end your shift.

Digital Freelancing

If you’ve got the talent and skills that you can market digitally and remotely, like graphic designing, voice-over, translating, video editing, and managing social media, working as a digital freelancer is ideal. It helps you earn money and work at times that are convenient for you, allowing you to study freely. Plus, the best part is that it’s going to look great for your CV, helping you in your career down the line.

There are several freelancing websites you can sign up for and advertise your services, allowing you to connect with possible clients with ease. The most popular ones are Fiverr and Upwork, but there are plenty more you can explore.

Work as a Tutor

Working as a tutor has always been a popular way for students to get some quick cash. The best part is, it helps students earn while brushing up on their own studies. If you’re considering tutoring in real life or in-person, make sure to promote your services. You can do this by advertising on local websites, putting up ads at local shops, or taking a look at notice boards at your college or university campus.

However, if you’re looking to stay-in, online tutoring is ideal. Plus, you’ll have a broader range of students, making it more convenient for you.

Student life can be financially challenging, especially when you’re dealing with student loans. So, when trying to balance classes, studies, work, and life in general, knowing different ways to make money can be a real lifesaver—and those jobs mentioned can help you earn cash without disrupting your studies.

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