We Belong Together: Inclusive Education in Your Local Community

In this fast-paced modern era, we are all looking for ways to survive and belong to society. A sense of belongingness is vital in every environment for an individual to thrive. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and being inclusive will allow us to help each other achieve this goal.

Inclusivity may be the ultimate buzzword nowadays, but the concept is not merely a trend. It is a viewpoint that should be adapted in all aspects of modern life, whether it be at work, at home, or school.

We now live in modern times. Things are quickly changing. The year 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have gotten us on our toes. In 2021, what does it mean to be an inclusive community? How is this important in educating children?

Defining Inclusivity

Inclusion in education entails providing equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of age, financial status, and even physical ability. Inclusion is aligned with the fundamental human right to education, which prohibits discrimination against individuals regarding access to education. This implies that a completely-abled individual will have the same educational opportunity as a person dealing with factors that may hinder receiving a traditional education, such as having a hearing impairment.

Inclusion is an essential aspect of communities, especially of schools. As an educational institution, how can you achieve providing inclusive education to your students?

Inclusion in Education

Education is the foundation of individuals. This is where children can discover their most significant potential before they experience the real world. This is why it is essential to provide equal educational access to each individual regardless of whatever hindrance they may have. How can you be an inclusive educational institution in 2021?

Almost 50% of children with disabilities do not receive the proper education they deserve. These children retain their right to learn despite their circumstances. For you to provide these children access to adequate education, it is crucial to be aware of what facilities you may provide to allow ease of learning given their situation. This may be in the form of offering a cost-effective wheelchair lift in your institution to give way to persons with physical impairment. You may also find producers of braille documents for persons with visual impairment. There are many facilities that you can provide which can ease the learning process for marginalized individuals.

Apart from providing facilities, it will also help invest in training teachers to be equipped in special education. This may eventually allow your educational institution to fully adapt special education students into a completely inclusive classroom setup.


Being an inclusive institution also requires anti-discrimination regarding providing opportunities to students. This should be an automatic policy for schools to be against discriminatory practices in any way and form. It is not only unethical but unlawful as well.

Inclusion should start at the school level. This is where children learn the value of education and of respecting each other’s fundamental human rights. What are the effects of inclusion on society, in general?

Effects of Inclusion in Society

As students mature in an inclusive environment, they will adapt the inclusive practices and beliefs into the workforce. An inclusive work environment is also vital in providing equal income opportunities to various individuals.

An inclusive society provides more opportunities and more jobs for individuals. This will contribute significantly to a society’s economic growth and development. It will also promote stable mental health.

Learning the importance of inclusion also promotes better mental health for a given community, in general. With the knowledge of being accepted in a given society, an individual will get more work done in good quality because of a healthy mindset and perspective about the world around them.

There will also be increased acceptance in terms of diversity in all aspects. Experiencing this as a community is a big step for society. Leaving behind backward perspectives will be good for the whole community because it means there will be equal opportunities for every individual. A group of people with healthy relationships with one another will greatly impact a community’s development. This may be a long shot, but it is possible with everyone’s compliance.

Inclusion, whether in educational institutions, the workplace, or in a given community, is a significant value that should be given importance. Community members, not just policymakers, should be held accountable for promoting such respect and healthy practices towards each other. When looking at the bigger picture, achieving an inclusive society may be the most significant step humanity could ever take.

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