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Lower Your Overheads and Grow Sales with IP Phones

If you’re looking to streamline your business communication without breaking the bank, you can’t go wrong with Xorcom IP phones. Unlike traditional phone lines, these modern communication systems are cheap and affordable. Since IP phones run on your internet infrastructure, it’s relatively easy to set up and rollout.

Most importantly, IP phones give you all the functionalities of stock phone lines and more. That means you can add other communication methods such as teleconferencing and videoconference without incurring a fortune in monthly bills. Such a system improves your call handling ability, which is crucial in enhancing the customer experience.

Increase your business reach

Harnessing the power of IP phones lets you overcome geographical barriers and grow your business reach. The call rates are cheap all across the board, which lets you make international calls without worrying about the cost implication. Your employees can take their time on the phone with long-distance clients and answer any question they might have. That lets you improve the quality of your customer support service, which endears customers to your brand.

More than just relying on voice calls alone, the IP phone system lets you include video calls as well. Video calls are often more effective in closing business sales as they allow for a face to face interaction.

Again, the technology allows you to create a local number in all your locations across the world. Local numbers encourage people to reach out and inquire about your products and services. People are hesitant to call an international number since they have a higher cost implication. A local number signifies a local business, which further boosts consumer confidence, which is crucial to growing your sales.

Operate from any device

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IP phones are compatible with a wide array of computing devices, including PC, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. That allows you to make business calls at your most convenient time. You can call overseas from the comfort of home or your car and keep in touch with your clients at their most opportune times.

The freedom to use any device lets you get in touch with your clients in a different time zone during business hours. That increases the likelihood of connecting with decision-makers when you need to seal a business deal. Connecting with the right people is instrumental in growing your sales and improving your bottom line as you get to close more deals.

This communication technology also packs other handy features such as transcription of voice calls. Such functions let you transcribe voice calls so you can attach them to text and emails. That means you can refer to the content of business calls to ensure that you didn’t miss out on any crucial details. Your clients are likely to appreciate your thoroughness as it leads to increased efficiency.

Adopting modern communication technology can give you a much-needed business edge. This technology can let you streamline your communication strategy without costing a small fortune in bills. You can include video conferencing and teleconferencing into your business strategies and improve customer experience.

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