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Spooky Sounds: The Popularity of Paranormal Podcasts Explained

Even during the busiest semesters, college students will always find time to relax.

You could indulge in a night out with friends after summer school or maybe even just a few minutes browsing through social media. But sometimes you may want to indulge in something a little more private and lot more thrilling. One of the most popular pastimes of college students everywhere is listening to paranormal podcasts.

You may be wondering why do so many people want to listen to podcasts about ghouls, ghosts and all manner of supernatural happenings.

Today, learn about why the paranormal is one of the most popular podcast topics out there and some types of paranormal podcasts you can listen to on a dark night.

Why are Paranormal Podcasts Popular?

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Belief, curiosity and thrill-seeking are some of the reasons paranormal podcasts are so popular. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

According to experts, over 2 million podcasts and more than 48 million episodes of different podcasts are on the internet. But the sheer number of these shows dedicated to the supernatural makes it seem that people are only buying podcast equipment packages to talk about ghosts.

Here are some reasons the paranormal is one of the most popular podcast topics.

  • Belief in the Supernatural

It may come as a surprise to some, but there are millions upon millions of Americans who believe in the supernatural. A recent survey of U.S. citizens revealed that 45 percent of Americans believe that ghosts definitely exist.

A further 46 percent believe that other types of supernatural creatures and being exist. This means there is a huge audience who want to hear about creepy going on around the country and the world. This could explain why paranormal podcasts are so popular, whether you are a teacher relaxing in the summer or a college student working a summer job.

  • Exploring the Unexplained

People like mysteries, even the ones that don’t inherently have concrete answers. What are ghosts? Where do cryptids come from? Are there really other layers of reality? Sometimes the paranormal provides answers to such deep and encompassing questions.

Ghosts partially answer what comes after death. Cryptids and aliens answer whether we’re alone in the universe. This balance of posing new questions and presenting answers to some makes the paranormal a compelling podcast topic.

  • The Good Kind of Scary

Finally, a lot of people enjoy getting scared and the paranormal can be plenty scary. Listening to a paranormal podcast lets you feel a vicarious type of scared, a safe kind of scared, where you can enjoy the heart-thumping thrills and bone-tingling tales without being in actual danger. Much like when you are watching a horror movie, listening to podcast on ghosts or cryptids makes you feel on edge without actually putting you at risk.

What are the Types of Paranormal Podcast?

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Popular podcast topics on the paranormal include all sorts of nightmares. Photo by Amin Asbaghipour from Pexels

When people buy podcast equipment packages and start their podcast careers, there are so many different popular podcast topics they can cover. But if they choose to go down the paranormal route, they will inevitably record one of a few different types of podcasts. Many podcasts mix several types together to record more compelling episodes, but they can generally be sorted into these types.

  • Cryptids and Critters

Cryptids refers to animals and plants whose existence are heavily debated by science. These creatures range from the unusual and singular to creatures who stem from folklore. One of the most famous cryptids is the Loch Ness monster or Nessie. Cryptids that originate from folklore include vampires, werewolves and the Jersey Devil, a notorious monster said to roam the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Podcasts that focus on these creatures can include mentions of sightings and passed down stories about them.

  • Hauntings and Ghosts

Some paranormal podcasts focus on the ethereal and examined the veracity of ghosts. Ghosts are some of the most difficult to tackle for a podcast because most of the information about them tend to be firsthand accounts. This is why most podcasters choose to instead retell the stories about different ghosts and hauntings rather than rationalize them.

Others may go farther and visit haunted locations attempting to record the sounds of these apparitions. Famous ghosts that podcasters might cover include the apparitions at the Tower of London and the various Grey Ladies that appear at hospitals around the world.

  • Unexplained Phenomenon

There are certain events that aren’t cryptids or ghosts. These types of unexplainable phenomenon are some of the most intriguing podcast topics because they are so varied. The Tunguska Event of 1908, the mysterious deaths of the hikers at Dyatlov Pass and the disappearance of the crew of the Mary Celeste are all unexplained phenomenon rich for analysis and exploration. Sometimes podcasts can even provide new angles on such events, depending on their research and inclination.

  • Fictional Tales

Finally, many podcasters simply come up with new stories of the paranormal rather than cover topics that have already been endlessly researched and relayed. This is just as tough as making a fact-based paranormal podcast because the producers still have to make original content. This is more challenging than you may think, given the sheer number of podcasts out there.

Paranormal podcasts are one way you can pass the time, whether you are a college professor or a university student. So the next time you have a half-hour to relax or want to make the time doing your course work a little more exciting, pop on some earphones and take a listen.

But be careful. There are dark things out there.

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