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Social Media and Divorce: Handling Divorce in a Digital Age

These days, the use of social media has spread to nearly all parts of the world. For many people, social media platforms are the common platforms they use to share their photos, videos, and information with their network of friends and family. Also, social media platforms help create an archive of life events.

However, history has shown that social media has its own perils. It is not advisable to share all the events in one’s life on social media platforms. For instance, one may share details of life events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Divorce, on the other hand, is a major event in one’s life but is not worth sharing. The way you use your social media from the moment you contact a divorce lawyer to the closure of the divorce case will affect the direction the case will take. Some of the things you need to avoid during this period in regards to social media use include:

Sharing Information about Your Location

Social media platforms allow the users to share information on their locations. The sharing of location information makes it possible for people who are in the same area to network. While this is a good thing, sharing your location might jeopardize your divorce case. For instance, individuals who frequent strip clubs, bars, and casinos might be termed as irresponsible and denied child custody.

Revealing Financial Information

The news of making a new purchase could be exciting to announce to your friends on social media. However, purchasing expensive products and posting on social media reveals that you have a lot of money. This could impact the amount of child support that you would have to pay after the divorce.

Displaying Relationship Status

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Life should continue after divorce, and that means that you could fall in love with someone else. However, it would be best if you did not get into a relationship before your divorce case is settled. Getting into a relationship before a divorce case is over may lead others to assume that you had an affair while married. Therefore, if you are romantically involved in another person while the divorce case is underway, keep the information under wraps.

Deleting Evidence in Social Media

Once you put up a post on social media, it is retrievable from the internet, even if you delete it. Removing any written post, photo, or video on your social media, which is useful in a case, can land you in trouble. This act is known as guilt inference and is chargeable by law.

Talking Ill of Your Ex

Talking about your ex on social media might sound like a great idea to relieve you of any stress. However, any comments about a person which are threatening, false, or discriminatory can land you in great trouble with the authorities.

Although you may not do it willingly, using social media during divorce can affect the overall outcome of your divorce case. So, instead of letting your social media activity get in the way of your divorce case, consider putting your social media activity on pause. The social media platforms allow you to close your account temporarily. That way, you can handle your divorce case without the influence of social media activity. Always consult with your Albuquerque divorce lawyer to ensure that you do not violate any law.

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