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What Can Independent Service Centers Do That Official Stores Can’t?

The modern era we live in currently sees an influx of new products and services. Almost every day, something new and innovative is offered to consumers. We have also seen a rising demand for repair centers and technicians. Because at some point, these new products will break or will need to be serviced.   Perhaps some new parts and repairs are needed for your Trimble mobile computer, or a new screen for a smartphone, or a new board for your laptop. Luckily for consumers,  independent repair centers have begun to rise in numbers hoping to grab the relatively unsaturated market. But why should we even bother with these repair shops? Warranties and official company service centers already exist. Doesn’t that negate the business of these independent repair centers?

Competition is always needed in business. It is better if the competitor can offer lower prices or even better service. If these official company repair centers keep all the customers to themselves, this leaves the market unchecked and a monopoly will soon come to that specific service. In addition, warranties expire within a certain period. This leaves the consumers with no choice but to leave their items at the expensive official store.

Here are some reasons repair centers are rising in demand and why you should give them a shot:

They offer lower prices

In some cases, having your items repaired at an independent store may be cheaper than the official one. In rare cases, repairs and estimates could actually be done for free, depending on the issue, of course.

Without the larger workforce and their outrageous labor rates in the way, those working independently are able to charge lower rates for repairs. To take it a step further, these repair centers may even source cheaper parts needed to finish the job.

But do remember that some of these sourced parts are not the approved ones that you would normally get at the official store. But in most cases, these often do the job as well as the originals.

They work faster

Without the pressure of working in a large and stressful work environment, these independent repair centers have no problem fixing your stuff in no time. Being independent gives them the freedom to focus on certain jobs at their own pace. This also removes the time-consuming ticketing system because one problem may not be as complex as the other. By prioritizing which jobs to finish first, this eases up the repair line and makes jobs easier to finish down the road.

They have a diverse skillset

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There’s also the added bonus that these independent repair centers are diverse in their trade. Unlike in certain official stores, the independents have the opportunity to learn and fix more things instead of just the one product they would probably only be trained to work on. You often see these repair shops offering to fix smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers, and other tech items. This makes them a one-stop-shop for any type of repair, as long as they are skilled enough to do it.

Is it better to go to the official store or to an independent shop? Independent shops may be affordable, but you still have to be wary of their actual services and reputation. After all, it’s still a matter of trust.

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