What Jobs Can You Get With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science?

You’ve probably heard about people studying to receive a bachelor of arts in political science. It’s an interesting field of study, but what jobs does it qualify you for? In the attached video, the presenter shares what you can do with this degree.

The presenter makes it clear from the beginning that political science degrees aren’t just for people who want to become politicians. This is a common point of misunderstanding, and the truth is that many people who end up being politicians do not have a degree in political science.

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One area highlighted by the presenter is academia. Political science majors often go into teaching at all different levels, from elementary school to university. Lawyer is another common job held by individuals with backgrounds in political science. People on this academic track are also great fits for jobs such as political analyst or political researcher. When it comes to politicians, the presenter mentions that most of the work done by any given politician’s office is actually accomplished by the staff members, many of whom have studied political science.

The presenter insists that the sky is the limit with a degree in political science. Perhaps the best way to think about it is to explore industries or workplaces that seem engaging, and then consider how this degree will better equip you for a job in that realm.


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