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Why Consider Applying for a Truck Driving Job?

Working daily and sitting on a 9-5 job is not an ideal career for everyone. There are a lot of people who prefer to be on the field or the road doing fast-paced jobs. These people are well suited for transportation and logistics careers. There are in fact placements for people who want a local truck driving jobs. This is because of the nationwide shortage of truck drivers, both for long haul trips or short distances.

The demand for road drivers remains high as well as for tractor trailers. With the limited number of drivers applying to want to drive larger and longer vehicles, the offers and the benefits are very generous. Most offers even come with job security insurance.

What are the requirements to get a Commercial Driver’s License?

Driving trucks requires special skills and licenses. An applicant must have a license to drive big rigs. For a driver to operate or drive from one state to another, he must be at least 21 years of age and pass a rigid physical exam every two years. Drivers are expected to submit to drug and alcohol tests as well as for unannounced random tests.

Those who will carry loads of more than 26,000 pounds need a Commercial Driver’s License or a CDL. This is acquired after passing a rigorous test of knowledge on safety and regulations. He must also have the dexterity and physical strength to drive a very large vehicle. There are also truck driving schools offering training so that interested individuals can prepare for their application for CDL. Any convictions due to the use of drugs or alcohol and various driving violations can suspend driving privileges either temporarily or permanently.

Better Incentives for Truck Drivers

Happy driver in his white truckDue to the high demand for truck drivers, a lot of trucking and freight moving companies now offer better incentives, job security, and perks to fill in their manpower shortage.

One of the most agreeable benefits of today’s truck driving job is that companies are striving to lower down the amount of time that drivers spend away from their families. Long haul truck drivers would sometimes take weeks or months before they can take a break from driving. These days, companies no longer subject drivers to this kind of set up. They need more truck drivers who can work together in a relay type of run. This way, the drivers get to spend time with their families or themselves when not on driving duty.

Better take home pays, life insurance, and trucking companies now offer other attractive perks. This and better work arrangements are meant to entice more drivers to take on the growing load of business on logistics and transportation. Driving trucks may not be an ideal job for some, but there is a growing population of commercial drivers taking on rewarding careers in truck driving. The bright outlook for this job makes it an exciting career change option for many professionals. Maybe its high time to hit the road and start driving.

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