Can Technology Help You Find True Love? Here’s the Truth

The concept of dating is constantly changing — more so with the advent of the digital age. Couples are finding love from the other ends of the earth, but that same technology is also making it harder to connect.

Digital Dating Apps

Most matchmaking apps boast of programs run by complex algorithms. These algorithms are supposed to connect you with compatible partners, but most of them match you with a person with whom you share one or two interests. While shared interests are certainly enough to start conversations, compatibility requires a deeper understanding of both parties. Simpler apps like Tinder don’t even try to match you with someone compatible; you do the browsing yourself, and compatibility is more of a hit or miss.

While there may be several are success stories, these are small exceptions and not the defining rule. The Bumble matchmaking/dating app has a user base of 26 million. However, only 20,000 of them eventually tied the knot. That’s less than a tenth of 1 percent or a 99 percent failure rate if you look at it the other way. Dating apps can also be soul-crushing. Almost everyone prioritizes appearance, and very few are looking for an actual relationship.

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Although digital dating apps may not be reliable, they still have their uses. Introverts and people with undeveloped social skills can easily use these apps to find someone willing to go out on a date. The date may or may not be successful. However, just attempting to connect is a success on its own. You can use dating apps to polish your social skills and boost your confidence. It’s unlikely you’ll find the perfect partner, but at least you’ll be a better conversationalist when you do find him/her. Meeting other people also gives you a baseline on how to judge different personalities and how to choose potential partners.

Finding Love Offline

Romantic dinner

Nothing beats traditional dating. Look for dates within your social circle; they can be a friend or an office worker. Second-degree connections (a setup by a friend) are also acceptable. A common friend should understand both of your personalities, making the setup more likely to succeed. If you have a successful career and looking for a partner with a similar lifestyle, try an elite dating service. Matchmaking services geared towards successful individuals are rigorous in their screenings and should connect you with suitable partners. Willingness to be in a relationship is paramount when applying for the services of elite matchmakers. Everyone on their list should have serious relationships, or even marriage, as their goal. Of course, you can also do nothing and let fate take its course. A chance encounter with an amiable person can eventually lead to a serious relationship, as long as you are open to it.

Don’t expect to find love immediately with digital dating apps. Though they can get you a date or two when you are especially bored, it’s better to find love in more traditional ways to avoid any possible mishaps.

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