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The Best Free Photo and Video Editing Software or Apps to Try

In a modern world dominated by visual content, well-produced videos and captured photos are some of the best forms of content marketing to use and entice customers more. In fact, according to surveys, businesses that used pictures and videos in their marketing campaigns increased their revenue 49% faster than those who didn’t.

However, you can only grab consumers’ attention by publishing stunning photos and captivating videos, which you can achieve through editing programs. Most renowned editing tools come with a high price tag, but you don’t need to worry, as there are still fantastic options that won’t cost you a dime.

Whether you’re editing photos to promote your latest product release or making a video on how to use a welding fume extraction and other equipment, here are some of the best free editing software and apps you can use.

Adobe Lightroom

Although Adobe Lightroom’s PC version isn’t free, its mobile counterpart is 100% free. It allows you to modify and arrange images seamlessly, thanks to its broad range of editing tools. You can change everything, from your photo’s gloss to its liveliness. It also comes with pre-made templates to make your images even better. The app is accessible on Android and iOS.


Quik is a free video editing app from GoPro, analyzing your videos to detect colors and faces to frame your content correctly, alongside other functions including adding transitions and effects to 200 photos or video clips from your photo library. You can also zoom and rotate pictures and video clips and add themes, fonts, filters, and graphics.

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Exposure X5

The Exposure X5 is one of the best free photo editing apps out there, giving all the features you need alongside sentimental experiences thanks to the retro look and feel it can add to your images. It features an extensive library for modern and vintage film properties and properties. These include shading, grain, color fringing, and cross-processing to make your pictures ‘pop’ more.


Blender is one of the most feature-rich free video editing applications for Linux, iOS, and PCs. It’s free-to-use open-source software initially developed as a 3D animation kit, but it also has a convenient video editor. It helps you with the easy editing techniques such as video cutting and sequencing to more challenging tasks, like camera masking.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip allows users to make videos quickly, either with its automatic editing feature or more advanced custom editing functions that lets you edit a video from scratch, from trimming clips to lowering the background sound when dialogue comes up. You can also sync your video following your selected soundtrack’s tune and add the usual finishing touches, including titles and transitions. It’s completely free and available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.


GNU Image Processing Program or ‘GIMP’ is a popular photo editing app that often gets compared to Adobe Photoshop, with the only difference being that it’s 100% free. It offers the same editing resources, including blending, paints, text, and more. The software also allows you to use presets and plugins.

For aspiring editors who have a passion for bringing photos and videos to their pinnacle but don’t have the budget for it, these free software and apps can help you hone your skills, helping you become one step closer to your dream at no cost.

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