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Retail Checkout Tips to Do If You’re Losing Sales from Long Lines

The retail business is more energetic now than at any other point in time. While a robust market is always a good sign, some aspects of business often get the brunt of this heavy activity, including the checkout process.

It doesn’t matter if your product or service is excellent; if it takes the customer a long time to make a purchase, then you’d still have a problem. Here are six ways you can get rid of retail queues.

Accommodate credit cards

If you’ve only ever accepted cash, then you desperately need the help of companies that specialize in credit card processing, so you can finally receive credit card payments.

With a credit card terminal, customers can just effortlessly swipe their cards, enter their PIN, and they’re good to go. You also get to reduce the time counting change, verifying large cash tenders, or confirming coupons.

Invest in mobile POS units

In addition to investing in credit card terminals, you can opt for mobile point-of-sale machines, or mPOS, that make use of smartphones and tablets to ring up purchases.

Not only does an mPOS system speed up the checkout process by enabling more of your staff to help in the checkout, but it also makes it easier to review and protect pertinent customer data. These include customer’s checkout history, personal information for loyalty programs, and biometrics for purchases.

Allow mobile QR payments

Want a simpler checkout solution? Sign up your business to a unique QR code. Nowadays, digital wallets and third-party bank applications have a built-in QR code scanner that customers can use to check out quickly. The QR code also allows customers to receive rebates, use vouchers, and collect points for loyalty programs easily.

You can integrate QR codes to practically anything in your store, from product information to post-sales customer service.

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Implement a BOPIS policy

A BOPIS policy or “buy online, pick up in store” is a nifty way to let busy shoppers buy the products they want beforehand and pick them up at storefront. This reduces the time spent inside a brick-and-mortar store. This also eliminates the need to queue for checkout, especially if there are dedicated counters for pick-ups and returns. If you have an online store, this saves you on shipping and delivery fees, as well.

Add self-service checkouts

Big supermarkets already implement self-service checkouts because these help increase service staff productivity and result in fewer losses. This way, checkout speed is defined by the customer, not your service.

Self-checkout theft is pretty prominent, though, so you need to assign a staff to cross-check purchases from the self-service till. Nevertheless, you’re still speeding up the process and saving time and money.

Train your sales associates

Sometimes, an ideal solution can not only come from machines but people, too. Train the staff manning your checkout counters not only to be more efficient and personal in their approach. Use historical data to predict peak sales hours, and teach your staff to engage with customers stuck in a queue.

Even though checkout is the last step in a customer’s buying journey, it’s still a crucial component in delivering quality service, so don’t forget to appraise your systems now and then.

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