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What Employers Can Do to Promote Workplace Safety

Employees spend most of their time in the office, some even more than the standard 8 hours a day. It’s safe to say that their work area is like their second home. But is it a safe environment for their physical health?

Statistics show that workplace injuries are quite common. Every year, various workers are admitted to the hospital because of harm or injury sustained in the office. It can be serious injuries caused by falls, trips, or slips. But there are also subtle, yet equally alarming causes such as improper posture or repetitive stress injury.

Because of this alarming prevalence of workplace injuries, employers must do their part. Their employees are the lifeblood of their company. And these people, being under their management, are their responsibility. The safety and well-being of their employees should always be an employer’s top priority. Here’s what they can do to promote workplace safety.

Conduct ongoing training

No matter how many safety measures the company puts in place, there’s no use if the employees are uninformed or unaware of them. For example, you might have several fire exits, but employees would not exit in an orderly manner if they don’t know the protocol in case of a fire.

That’s why employers should take the extra effort to provide training for their employees.

Each and every member of the company should do their part in promoting workplace safety. Simply being informed and aware of what to do in case of accidents and emergencies will help save workers from suffering from harm.

Pay attention to ergonomics

Nowadays, ergonomics is becoming more relevant. Employers are starting to become more aware of how small differences like the environment and equipment in the office can affect people’s productivity. But ergonomics is not only about setting up a work station that boosts productivity and efficiency.

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More importantly, ergonomics plays an important role in the health and well-being of the employees. Because they sit on their chairs for several hours a day, there’s a high tendency for back, neck, wrist, or neck strains. When sustained for long, it can lead to severe injuries. You might not know it, but chances are, several of your employees are experiencing body pain from working all day. So make an effort to provide them with an ergonomically optimized work station for the sake of their physical and mental well-being. Get the right chairs, desks, and other equipment like keyboards, attire, cut 5 resistant gloves, etc., depending on your company’s needs.

Maintain a stress-free environment

Physical injuries are not the only things that can take a toll on the health and safety of employees. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the importance of mental health and how they can affect the overall well-being of a person. In the office setting, stress and burnout are some of the most common pains faced by employees. If not addressed, they can lead to more serious health conditions.

To help reduce the stress of their workers, employers must maintain a stress-free environment. As much as possible, there should be minimal pressure put on the employees. In fact, they’ll perform better and be more productive if they are happy with their jobs. Excessive stress, on the other hand, can make them unmotivated and timid.

Employers are in charge not only of their company but also of the people composing it. The health and safety of the people they manage should always be of top priority.

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